The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records

Have you ever wondered what unknown influences are affecting your life right now? Sometimes it feels as if hidden forces are pulling the strings of our feelings, actions and deepest fears, hindering our progress and limiting us in ways that are hard to understand. If you’ve felt this way before, you’re not wrong. Our past experiences, both in this life and previous lives, can create challenges and barriers that are hard to overcome without the right knowledge and guidance. Yet there’s a simple way to bring these limitations into our awareness, allowing us to transmute them into opportunities for growth and personal development. By accessing our personal Akashic Records, we can discover what dark aspect of ourselves is holding us back and find the right tools to transcend these self-imposed obstacles.

What Are the Akashic Records?

Far beyond the astral plane, in a space between space at the very core of the reality matrix, there exists a great repository of knowledge. It is here where every event that has occurred and every thought that has arisen in someone’s mind is stored. The entire moment-by-moment history of yours and everyone else’s soul is kept here, along with all the victories, defeats, karmic debts and pain of each and every individual ever to have lived. Each thought, action and word that has ever come into being is chronicled here. This universal archive is known as the Akashic Records and is accessible to those who learn how to reach beyond space and time and interpret its words.

What exactly are the Akashic Records, and where can you find them? From the Sanskrit Akasha, which means aether, sky or fundamental energy, the Akashic Records is just one name for the near-infinite compendium of the universe’s history that is recorded on the energetic fabric of reality itself. Many cultures throughout history have understood and had access to this register, calling it by many different names and using its information to help guide their people through the turbulent sea of history.

The Akashic Records can be thought of as the universe’s DNA. It contains the instructions that tell energy how to organize itself into matter, matter into molecules and molecules into stars, planets, oceans, forests, sandy beaches and life in all its shapes and sizes, including you and me. The very rules of chemistry, biology and physics, along with all the universal constants that help shape the world around us are encoded in the Akasha.

While this may seem incredible, it barely scratches the surface. The Akashic Records is much more than just a giant instruction manual for the universe. It also contains the very framework for our body, mind and soul itself. It has encoded in it all the feelings, thoughts and actions we’ve taken and experienced throughout our many lives on this planet; the personal information known as our Karma.

At the moment of your birth, you “download” all of your previous Karma into your physical and energetic body from your Higher Self, the complete version of you not bound by space and time. This information has been stored in the Akasha, sometimes called the 5th dimension, and is necessary for the proper development and unfolding of your current life here on Earth. As you live this life, you pile additional data onto that which your Higher Self provided you when you were born. When you pass on, all this additional data is “uploaded” back to your Higher Self and the Akashic Records, helping to determine what your next incarnation will be like.

The Akasha is a place of Soul that contains no ego or fear. It is not a judgmental record and doesn’t imply good or bad. It simply retells the story of everything that has happened, from the physical to the energetic.

To understand Akashic Records, we must have a basic grasp of the five dimensions. From lowest to highest, they include:

  • First Dimension: the mineral kingdom; the most basic building blocks of material existence.
  • Second Dimension: biological plane: animals, plants, the elements and spirits.
  • Third Dimension: the physical world, full of ego and fear; our earthly world.
  • Fourth Dimension: the astral plane. Light and dark exist on this magical plane.
  • Fifth Dimension: Akasha, the soul place. There is no ego, fear or suffering here. This is where the Akashic Records are stored.

As water flows down from high to low, so too does energy flow from the fifth dimension down to the first dimension, influencing and molding everything in its path.

History of the Akashic Records 

The first direct reference to the Akashic Records in the West was by famed theosophist Helena Blavatsky, who claimed to have learned about these records from mystic Tibetan masters during her travels around the world. They taught her how to access the history of the universe that was recorded in the Akasha: the element of spirit in the Eastern five-element system.

This fifth element corresponds with the fifth dimension and, according to Eastern philosophy, is considered to be the source of physical reality; the place from where all of the existence emerges. The Akasha can be said to be equivalent to the Tao as well, of which Laozi wrote:

“Nameless, it is the Source of Heaven and Earth. Named, it is the Mother to the Ten Thousand Things.” 

Fellow Theosophist Henry Olcott expounded on the importance of Akasha in his book A Buddhist Catechism. He wrote that the Buddha taught that only two things are eternal, Akasha and Nirvana. Everything else emerges from Akasha and returns to it, following the rules set down therein. According to Olcott, early Buddhists believed that once humankind achieved a higher level of enlightenment, we would also be able to read these detailed records that determine the very functioning of the material universe. 

Some have liked the Akashic Records to the Judaic concept of the Book of Life, in which the names and deeds of the righteous are stored for all eternity.

Why Read Akashic Records?

Imagine finding yourself in a deep meditative state. Your physical eyes may be closed but your mind’s eye is wide open. A massive bookshelf materializes in front of you. You instinctively reach out your hand and grasp a book, a great big tome with your name engraved on the cover. You flip through it and find your story inscribed on each page. The surprise of finding your own life chronicled here breaks your meditative focus and your awareness returns to your body. While this is just an example, of course, the truth is that the Akashic records are open to all. Anyone with the determination and knowledge to access this universal library can do so. But why would you want to?

All of your past is recorded in the primordial energy of the Akasha. This means every success, every failure, each and every experience that has shaped your Karma is found here. While it is easy to follow the path of causality and recognize how our experiences during our present life affect who we are, how we feel and the decisions we take, it can be harder to accept that the events we’ve lived through in previous lifetimes have a strong influence in our present life as well. Yet, this is the truth, and it’s these dark influences that can sometimes leave us crippled in fear and anxiety, as we fail to understand why our life is riddled with self-made obstacles. 

The Akashic Records offer another way forward: The path of self-discovery. Looking into our deep past gives us an opportunity to clean house, so to speak. When we sit down and recognize the pain, shame or fear that our soul has been holding on to, it becomes possible for us to acknowledge and release the feelings and beliefs that have been hindering our ability to develop into a glowing reflection of our Higher Self. 

Like a thorn in our side, these negative thought-forms we’ve internalized can manifest as obstacles, anxiety, depression, pain and disease. The longer we’ve ignored the root cause of our issues and the more lifetimes we’ve failed to address them, the more solidified they become in our energy body. 

Yet when we delve into the Akashic Records we’re presented with a clear view of our Higher Self. Like a standard to which we can compare ourselves to, this awareness of what we’re supposed to be will allow us to pinpoint the aspects of our psyche which have driven us astray from our true potential. When we’re faced with the knowledge of our past selves we are given the opportunity to address the pain, shame and fear that we’ve allowed taking root in our souls for millennia. 

How to Access the Akashic Records


Just how does someone go about accessing these Akashic Records? Doing so involves moving from the Third Dimension, the physical plane where our awareness is generally focused, over the Fourth Dimension of the astral plane and into the Fifth Dimension of pure energy.

Those who have reached the Akashic Records relate a variety of experiences. For some, especially those astrally projecting to the Akasha, it presents itself as a Great Hall, a literal library where the individual is able to peruse through millions of books containing the collective history of our universe. Visitors have claimed to meet many other beings from all over the universe while at the Akashic Hall of Records, all on a similar mission of learning and discovery.

However, this is not the only way. Especially when it comes to accessing the records of your own Self, it is possible to rely on your intuition. As was mentioned earlier, our own personal Karma is encoded onto our physical and energy bodies at the moment of our birth. By looking within ourselves we can learn to “read” this record without having to leave our bodies or interact with spirit beings. All that is required is cultivating a still, quiet mind through which our Higher Self can communicate the truths of our being to our third-dimensional ego self. When we learn to listen and act upon our intuition, we embark on a journey of transformation.


Either method will require a great deal of practice and hard work, as cultivating mindfulness and other spiritual disciplines take time. This is why many seekers look to a healer who is skilled in and knowledgeable about the Akasha for help while they learn to develop their own intuition.


If you do choose to look into the Akashic Records on your own, it is important to approach the task with a tranquil, meditative mindset and a clear intention. Don’t let the distractions of the world around you and the worries of your ego mind dull your ability to hear or see what your Higher Self is trying to tell you. You must learn to see with your mind’s eye and listen with your heart if you wish to receive accurate information. You must also be open to the information you receive without judgment. You may find that what you are given is not always pleasant and may reveal actions that make you ashamed. If this occurs, it is very helpful to have developed compassion for yourself and for humankind in general.


Some individuals are able to access the Akashic Records on their first try, for others it may take days, weeks or even months of effort. Don’t let yourself feel disappointed if it takes you some time. Approach the process as mental play and without expectations, not as work or effort.


Whether you view your Akashic Records yourself or get assistance from an experienced healer, rest assured that you will never be given any more or less information that you need and can handle. These records contain the unique compendium of infinite lifetimes that your soul has lived through and you are welcome to take in the knowledge they hold. It is both your birthright and your destiny.


If you’re ready to begin this journey of self-discovery, download our free e -book “How To Access The Akashic Records”. It contains a wealth of knowledge to help you on the path of mindfulness, intuition and spiritual development. Whether you’re just getting started or have been walking this path for a while, you’ll find the inspiration and knowledge to help you manifest your Higher Self and True Will for your life.