What is a Tulpa?

How Do We Create Or Attract Negative And Positive Energies?

Sometimes we sense non-physical energies around us even if we can’t see or touch them. They can be either negative or positive and affect us accordingly. Our energy fields react and interact with the energy fields of other people or spiritual beings. These energies impact on our emotional and mental states and affect our physical and subtle bodies, as well as our chakras energy centers.


In this segment, we’re examining the mystical concepts of thought-forms, tulpas, and pain-body. We’re often confused about the nature of these experiences that we generate through emotional pain. We’re going to explain each of these philosophies. Whether you have experience with esoteric healing, or you’re just becoming interested in mystical ministries, our overview of these non-physical energies should give you a better understanding of how to offer relief to those afflicted by negative emotions.


Have you ever noticed that a little scratch on your arm can attract all kinds of insects that appeared out of nowhere to feed on your blood? The same happens with energy vampires of all sorts – they are attracted to the negative energy that is generated by our thoughts and feelings.


Thought Forms and Tulpas are the most common negative energetic entities that need human energy to survive. These entities can be purposefully created by us using tulpa meditation or can be born out of our ignorant obsessive thoughts and behavior. In either case, if we strive for a healthy and balanced spiritual life, both kinds of entities need to be removed from our environment.

Tulpas and Thought Forms

We generate and attract both negative and positive energies consciously or subconsciously. When we experience love, empathy, compassion, and other positive emotions and feelings we align ourselves with the high energy vibrations of the Universe. These energy vibrations are healing and beneficial to us.


When we are angry, sad, or envious we feel “low” and are like a magnet to other misfortunate people, circumstances, or entities.


The Law of Attraction says “like attracts like”. When we live with the intention of exuding our own positive energy, we also attract positive energy to us. The vibrational energies of a similar frequency also are attracted to one another in accordance with the Law of Resonance. When all our physical and energetic bodies vibrate at a high frequency, we attract a similar level of positive energy to our environment. This, in turn, manifests into meaningful relationships and experiences, on and off the physical world.


Most human beings have a powerful ability to manifest their thoughts and feelings into reality in the physical world. When we are hurt or traumatized and obsessively feeling that trauma, or thinking about it, we can create nonphysical entities ourselves that feed on the negative energy we generate.


A Tulpa is a thought form that has been fed enough psychic energy to become sentient and develop consciousness. Essentially, it’s a separate being that has taken on a life of its own within your mind and soul. Because of that, they can command a high level of influence over your own consciousness, for better or for worse.


Sometimes we intensely focus on a physical or emotional pain to the point that it becomes overwhelming. Instead of a mere visual pattern in our psyche, we may begin to personify the pain. Then it can transform into a being such as an animal or demon that is gnawing in our consciousness. If we continue to feed that entity with our psychic energy, it can become sentient and begin to haunt us, bringing about chronic physical and spiritual pains.


Tulpas are non-physical entities that exist on the mental or astral plane. They’re created from thoughts, with low energy vibrations. The difference between them is that a thought form results in colored auras that others can see, while a tulpa is an apparition, hallucination, or an object conjured by the mind through intense emotions. They can take on a physical form, unlike thought-forms.

Tulpa – A Sentient Being

They are not always malicious. In fact, many of these entities recognize that they need the host in whose psyche they live in order to survive and are therefore unlikely to cause problems. However, when they are created out of pain and anguish they can be malevolent and must be dealt with accordingly just as an infection sometimes must be lanced in order to heal. 

Tibetan Tulpa – Tulpamancy 

Ancient Tibetan Buddhists practiced tulpamancy thousands of years ago. Through meditation, they created metaphysical beings – tulpas. When reaching a complete state of independence, these beings could exist in infinite worlds in the forms they choose, such as animals, or even forests and mountains.


The Buddhist monks studied the powers of the mind, a concept arose called the “sprul-pa.” It was realized that the trained mind had the power to create a separate body through concentrated thought that became an emanation of the creator of that body. That emanation could even end up separating from the original physical body and traveling through the astral plane and back to the physical.


Bodhisattvas were said to be able to create many different sprul-pa to allow them to be in more than one place at once, as these bodies were even able to interact with other physical beings, like the original body.


This was the first type of entity which Annie Besant later classified as a type of “thoughtform” in her book by the same name. A tulpa is a variation of the sprul-pa, in that it doesn’t necessarily imitate the same personality of the original creator and it remains in the body of the creator as a separate entity.


A tulpa can act much like an imaginary friend or a malevolent ghost, depending on the underlying thoughts and emotions. Tulpas can influence their creators to act or feel differently than they might normally, in other circumstances.

Tulpa Supernatural Being

To understand the supernatural nature of Tulpas we need to look at this concept from a metaphysical point of view.

Metaphysics are a lot more than something your philosophy professor droned on about when you were in college. Understanding this term can give you a glimpse into how thinking has changed and evolved over the centuries. In addition, metaphysics in the current form in which we know it may be a vital tool in elevating your spiritual practice to the next level and helping you to understand what Tulpas are about.


In general, metaphysics is the name for a category that is used to capture all of the most abstract and hard-to-define aspects of human existence. Over the years, metaphysical philosophers like Baruch Spinoza tried to use this construct to come up with comprehensive, abstract systems designed to explain even the most complex aspects of human experience.


You might think that it was the 20th century that gave birth to unconventional thinking, but that is definitely not the case. For instance, way back in the 17th century, Dutch philosopher Benedict de Spinoza posited that everything in the world is made out of the same substance, which is no different from god. German thinker Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz told everyone who would listen that the primary elements in the universe are isolated and autonomous souls known as monads.


Needless to say, these points of view had their critics. Among the most famous were the Scottish philosopher David Hume and the German thinker Immanuel Kant. Both of these luminaries believed that the only way to learn about the external world was via the five senses. Without this direct knowledge, they insisted, there is no way to understand reality.


The pendulum did not begin to turn back toward favoring metaphysics until the middle of the last century. Many thinkers today believe that science and empirical knowledge alone cannot explain all of the world’s phenomena. After all, various scientific theories are based on fundamental assumptions that clash with one another.


Today, so-called New Age spirituality is one of the best-known forms of metaphysical thinking. As in the past, many scoff at its tenets because of a lack of scientific rigor in investigating various phenomena, including Tulpas. Fortunately, this seems to be changing as both practitioners of metaphysics and of science have a great deal to gain through testing the credibility of and benefit of interventions such as energy healing, meditation, and sound wave therapy.


You can actually make metaphysics and post-modern spiritual work an integral part of your daily life. Well-respected Western medical and psychological professionals are rapidly coming to accept the benefits that mindfulness meditation, yoga, drumming, crystals and many other so-called New Age techniques are bringing to men and women all over the world. In spite of its imposing-sounding name and controversial past, metaphysics is nothing more than embracing the many sources of power that lie beyond the world we experience with our five bodily senses.

We will be discussing further how to use metaphysical sources of power to address negative Tulpa’s dissolution and removal.

Dangers Of Tulpas

The reason both kinds of being thought forms and tulpas are harmful to humans is that they have their own agenda which is often different from our own. They can influence our emotional and mental states to make us feel and act a certain way, to generate negative energy that feeds them. 


When we first create thought forms we often do it unconsciously – either because we’re experiencing intense emotions or thinking negative thoughts or both! With persistent thinking, a thought form can become strong enough to keep its presence in our energetic field or to attach to other negative thoughts in our mind, creating a cluster of thoughts. These clusters need energetic fuel to survive and can stimulate the host to keep thinking negative thoughts of a similar kind. This can result in a situation when it is difficult to distinguish your own native thoughts from those imposed by the thought-form clusters.


On the other hand, tulpas usually come into existence as a result of either powerful and purposeful meditation when someone is longing for protection or an imaginary friend, or they are born out of especially energetically strong thought-form clusters.


As sentient beings, they can act independently of us, with their own will and thoughts, influence us to concentrate our mental and emotional power on fear, pain, and anxiety to generate energetic sustenance for them. These powerful beings can be difficult to get rid of until our painful emotional or mental issues are resolved and we stop generating negatively charged energy that feeds them.

The pain transmutation intuitive energy healers can assist you to release these beings from your physical and energetic environment by helping you to understand and implement the emotional detox and mental re-programming techniques.


A thought-form is essentially an amplified version of whatever thought, feeling, or emotion it is born from. For example, imagine you stub your toe. In that case, there is a specific, neurological cause to the pain you are experiencing. Now imagine that you focus intensely on that pain. In your mind, you begin to visualize it as a brightly colored pattern, jagged and harsh. That pattern occupies a part of your psyche and begins to amplify the pain, refusing to let you ignore it. In contrast, if you are able to create an opposing thought form — one that is soothing and pleasurable — your physical pain will begin to subside. That is a form of transmutation alchemy that will be discussed further in the following chapters.


As previously said, tulpas are essentially extreme thought forms that have taken on a life of their own. Continuing with the above example of a stubbed toe, imagine that you intensely focus on the pain to the point that it becomes overwhelming. Instead of a mere visual pattern in your psyche, you may begin to personify the pain. It transforms into an animal or demon that is gnawing at the nerves in your foot. If you continue to feed that entity with your psychic energy, it can become sentient and begin to haunt you, bringing about other chronic physical and spiritual pains.


Obviously, stubbing your toe is a relatively minor example of pain. The real danger of tulpas is when you allow them to occupy deeper levels of your being. If given an abundant amount of energy and attention, tulpas can cause debilitating depression, anxiety, and other psychological pains that begin to negatively influence all aspects of your life. However, just as the case is with creating an opposing thought form, you can train yourself to use transmutation alchemy to create positive tulpas to essentially do psychic battle and defeat those tulpas that are bringing about your pain and suffering.


As for the aptly named pain-body, it is not difficult to see how it is a force that leads to pain and suffering. It is a universal, ever-present shadow that feeds off of the pain it creates in opposing our better natures. The French even have a famous phrase for one of the most common manifestations of the pain-body: l’appel du vide. In English, that phrase translates into “the call of the void.” It is a phrase they give to the subtle desire people feel to jump off of a building, bridge, or other great height when staring over the edge.


Almost everyone feels a tinge of some dark desire at some point in their lives – it’s that the pain-body’s negative energy is sort of whispering into your ear, urging you toward the path of pain and suffering. However, just as the case is with the other entities discussed above, there are methods of pain transmutation you can utilize to recognize and counteract the negative energy of the pain-body and transform it into a positive influence in your life.

How To Get Rid Of A Tulpa 

There are several ways to address malicious tulpa or negative thought-forms.

1. Tulpa Meditation

The mildest method is to address the entity directly during meditation, asking them to cease their hostile behavior.

Tulpa Meditation

2. Tulpa Banishing

If the Tulpa Meditation does not work, move onto the next step and attempt to banish the being from your mindscape. This can be done while working in the astral, but only if you already have a solid energy work experience, training and assistance.

Tulpa Banishing

3. Place a Tulpa In A Permanent Sleeping State

If the first two options fail, take steps to lock the entity away or put it into a permanent sleeping state using a “black box” technique.

Place a Tulpa In A Permanent Sleeping State

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, along with meditation can help to release mild negative energy and also shore up positive energy. Some non-physical entities are repelled by certain smells and often retreat from an unpleasant environment. But this is often a temporary measure that provides some relief and is rendered ineffective if no other remedies are also applied.

Tulpa Aromatherapy

5. Feng Shui

Use Feng Shui principles to assist the free flow of life force or Qi – de-clutter your home and life and live in harmony with nature to help free positive energy flow. Most tulpas will find it difficult to thrive in a  positive and high vibrational energy environment.

Feng Shui

6. Mantra

Repeating a protection mantra is a temporary measure to quieten an overactive negative entity and restrict its access to your mind.


7. Happy Activities

Any activity that makes you happy and raises your energy frequency, such as uplifting music, gentle dance or laughter will infuse you with joy and happy thoughts. These emotional and mental states  vibrate with higher frequencies which are incompatible with the lower frequencies of negative energy.

Being Happy

8. Intuitive Energy Healing: Emotional Detox, And Mind Reprogramming

Seek the professional help of an experienced intuitive energy healer to get rid of a particularly vicious and determined negative being. This complex work is usually done by a skilled healer.

Pain Transmutation Practitioner Guide

Pain Body

Tulpas often create or contribute to the creation of the pain body to interface with the host they inhabit. The pain-body is all the emotional pain that we experience through our lives. It accumulates over the years and we carry it in our energy fields. When we can’t accept these negative emotions, they actually become part of our physical being, stored in every cell of our bodies. This pain-body sometimes remains silent but when it takes on life, it reeks more pain on us. It feeds on our negative emotions and experiences, making us unhappy.



The only way for us to break away from pain-body is to cut the link between our stored pain and our addiction to the pain. All our negative thoughts feed the pain-body, giving it a life of its own. The key to overcoming pain is to acknowledge it. Bring the pain to the surface of our minds, transmuting it to our consciousness. Becoming aware of the old pain that we relive every day helps us to break the cycle and live in the moment.

Once we understand and release the pain, despair, depression, and darkness, our true self emerges, giving us power over our dark thoughts.

Benefits of Transmutation Alchemy – Living With Tulpa

The basis of transmutation alchemy is to awaken positive thoughts by ridding our souls of the darkness that creates thought-forms, tulpas, and pain-body. Most of us can’t transmute pain by ourselves because negative emotions are too overwhelming. The most common non-physical pain conditions associated with tulpa creation are:

  1. Asperger’s syndrome
  2. Autistic spectrum disorder
  3. Attention deficit disorder
  4. Anxiety
  5. Depression
  6. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  7. Multiple personality disorder
  8. Imaginary friend syndrome 

Living with Tulpas, thought forms, and the pain body can be challenging and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be – we can start our road to emotional and mental freedom by addressing the painful issues that keep us stuck in darkness.


The Pain transmutation healers can support us along this journey, helping to transmute our traumas, emotional hurts, and any of the terrible feelings we carry with us, channeling them into goodness, love, and wisdom. The transmutation alchemy teaches us how to transform our pain into positive energy, helping us reach a higher emotional plane of inner peace. Inner healing is essential for bringing us total deliverance from emotional suffering. We minister pain transmutation, not only because it’s effective but also because it provides a loving way to heal the wounded heart.