The Spiritual Development Program

What Is Spiritual Development?


It is a personal growth towards a balanced self. Spiritual growth and development start with self-awareness. Looking inwards to understand thy self is the first step on that path. Knowing your-self helps to expand your strengths and to address unbalances.

The Stages Of Spiritual Development:


1. Luck of self-awareness and limited awareness of others.


When you go through life without paying attention to your internal landscape or your surroundings, life seems random. When you think, feel and act impulsively, without any awareness of the consequence of your actions you have little chance to understand yourself or the world around you. This can cause fear and confusion. Noticing how others see you or how you see others will slowly change the way you perceive yourself.


2. Realising that nothing is random and everything is connected.


At the next stage of spiritual development, you start to realize that everything in the world is connected. Your actions, thoughts and feelings have consequences. You understand yourself and others better and develop empathy. You feel more empowered and in control.


3. Recognising a non-physical nature of the Self.


Now you can feel that there is more to life than meets the eye. You understand the holistic nature of human beings and want to explore non-physical aspects of that nature. On a personal level, you want more from life and rising above the mundane and reaching your potential is always on your mind. You start to have unusual experiences or develop spiritual gifts. You start listening to your intuition more and more and notice that it is getting stronger. You understand that intuition like a muscle can be developed and strengthened.


4. Longing for knowledge or a teacher.


Your desire to learn more attracts these who can teach you. Suddenly you stumble upon books, videos or events that open your eyes and you learn more all the time. If you persist on that path you will find new ways to learn. Gradually you will discover your own unique way on that path. This stage of your journey can be both exciting and challenging.


5. Spiritual growth. Keeping the right balance between learning and practicing.


Learning and practicing new skills is vital for spiritual development. Set up a routine to allow yourself to hone your gifts and abilities. The better you get at doing what you know the more empowered you become. This is a continuous process that has its ups and downs. You always can get up and keep moving again after taking a rest and recharging.


6. Balancing spiritual energy. Enhancing your strengths and working on your limitations.


When you know yourself well you understand your limitations as well as your strengths. The more you acknowledge your unbalances, the easier it gets to work with them. We consider Soul pain to be the main source of energetic unbalance that is common for most of us. This pain can be an obstacle on a path of spiritual development and growth. It needs to be addressed and healed to achieve a healthy way of being.


7. Healing Yourself


Sometimes your pain stops you from accepting love and kindness from yourself or others. Reflecting your pain on others stops you from creating meaningful connections with these around you. You hurt yourself by making others an object of your frustration and trauma. To progress on your path of spiritual growth you have to heal yourself from that pain first.


You probably already learned about the energetic nature of pain. And you understand that all our unresolved issues and traumas first originate outside the physical world and are stored in our energy field until we address and resolve them. Hence, healing is a major part of spiritual growth.


8. Advanced spiritual healing – Helping others to heal.


Helping others to heal is not a part of everyone’s spiritual journey. Being a healer is a very special calling. It requires discipline and sometimes sacrifices. Still, it is a rewarding path that can rapidly advance your spiritual growth. If you decide that your calling is to help others to heal your greatest service will come out of your deepest wounds. Spiritual healing occurs when you emerge from the darkness of your pain, mastering spiritual energy and healing. The final stage of healing is when you are ready to use what happens to you to help others.


9. Finding your tribe.


Your tribe is the place where you find the support you need and feel safe. When you find yours, remember old souls love, connect and express themselves differently. Always keep a special place in your heart to let their flame and magic flourish and the wisdom to shine. Safe journey on your path!


What Is The Pain Transmutation Program?


Pain Transmutation modality helps students to achieve the goals of spiritual healing and development. It is aimed to provide seekers who want to unlock their inner healing potential with esoteric and alchemical knowledge. We help students to learn and practice intuitive healing techniques, to address their own and their clients Soul pain and trauma.


1. Pain Transmutation is a spiritual development program.

Pain Transmutation is a program of self-discovery and empowerment. The training provides specific spiritual energy healing techniques. These practices allow students to bring balance and healing back into their life. Learning energy healing skills is a self-empowering and enlivening experience!



Self-Discovery And Empowerment

2. Pain Transmutation is a spiritual healing program.

When we ignore our energetic nature we become disconnected from the life force that gives us vitality and well-being. On your Pain Transmutation journey, we will help you to learn how to restore your energetic integrity to feel whole again and reconnect with your Soul and Higher Self. 


energy beings

3. Pain Transmutation is the mastering of the spiritual energy program.

Energetic imbalances within your aura or etheric bodies can cause you feeling unwell. Sometimes we struggle to explain strange physical or mental conditions. Or we constantly face recurring problems, as if our lives were on a loop. This can be physical manifestations of the energetic problems. Balancing spiritual energy will change its physical manifestations.

an energetic imbalance within your soul

4. Pain Transmutation is a practical program.

The Pain Transmutation program gives you a step by step practical guidance on your healing journey. Spiritual healing is done in stages. Finding energy imbalances in the physical or etheric bodies is just the beginning. We will show you how to bring yourself back to a state of balance and well-being.



Pain Transmutation

5. Pain Transmutation is a holistic program.

The program is based on a holistic approach to our pain and well-being. The main thesis of the program – we are holistic energy beings and our pain needs to be addressed on both physical and non-physical levels. The connection between our physical and energy bodies creates the human energy field. Hence, balancing energy bodies will manifest as physical wellness.


a holistic approach

6. Pain Transmutation is an intuitive healing modality.

Pain Transmutation energy healing process starts with investigative intuitive work. We strive to find out the negative energy clusters in the aura, etheric and physical bodies. Then we determine why and how long for these negative energies have been blocking our life force from freely flowing throughout our energy network. To find the root causes of these blockages we read a Soul history in the Akashic Records. The final stage of healing is to clear negative energy attachments from our bodies, restoring the flow of the life force and allowing ourselves reconnect with our Soul and Higher Self.

  The Akashic Records

7. Pain Transmutation is professional training.

Whether you are looking to progress in your own spiritual development or to practice energy healing professionally, we can help you achieve your goals. The aim of this program is to discover and address the source of Soul Pain on both individual and collective levels. This pain is hindering our spiritual growth and development. Energetic unbalance can happen at any time. It can be caused by a recent trauma or negative attachment or can be passed on from past lives. Successful and safe spiritual healing requires skills and practice.




Healing Practitioner

8. Pain Transmutation is a Soul Alchemy modality.

Soul Alchemy assumes that the alchemical processes are possible not only within our minds and bodies but also in our Souls. Alchemists purify mature and perfect substances. Spiritual alchemists help to remove negative attachments from minds, hearts and energy grids, purifying our bodies and souls. Clearing our energy grids from negativity helps us to free ourselves from its grip and reach spiritual maturity. We find healing and our transcendental perfection in freely aligning with the positive energy vibrations of the Universe.

Negative Energy Attachments

9. Pain Transmutation is an esoteric modality.

You will learn to recognize the signs of spiritual attacks and entity attachments. Unseen forces can have a detrimental effect on our life and body. Negative entities can follow humans across multiple lifetimes. Their presence impedes people from freeing themselves from karmic patterns. They can also have a negative effect on our health and mental state.



10. Pain Transmutation is a spiritual self- defense program.

Practicing healing arts can attract the wrong kind of attention. Predatory entities can stop our spiritual growth. The psychic self-defense tool kit is a must for healing practitioners. These tools will allow you to prevent energetic attacks and keep you safe.




psychic self-defense

The journey of spiritual healing and growth is a personal experience. That doesn’t mean you have to do it without any guidance or support. The Pain Transmutation program is a step-by-step healing guide. Join us to advance your spiritual development and empower yourself on the path to growth and healing.

And that is what Pain Transmutation is all about.