Spirit, Soul and the Higher Self

Subtle Energy Bodies

The most researched and understood energetic bodies are mental, emotional, astral, and etheric.

Mental Body

The mental body is the subtle body that consists of thoughts and has four interconnected layers.

  • The Conscious Mind
  • The Subconscious Mind
  • The Unconscious Mind
  • The Transcendental Mind or Awareness
Mental Body

The Mental Body is comprised of pure mental energy and is related to the thinking function. It has no emotional content and isn’t easily viewed by anyone. However, those that can project out of their body have been able to access the mental plane and thus know it exists and that the corresponding mental body does too.

Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is a sum of all our feelings and the link between the physical and subtle energy bodies.

The layers of the emotional body are:

  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Desires
  • Passions
  • Sensessions
Emotional Body

The emotional body holds the energetic imprints of all our emotions. Sensitive people can easily tune in into another person’s emotional body field and “read” their current emotional state as well as fell past emotional scars and issues. 

Astral Body

Astral Body is like a cloud of energy with many different colors that depict emotional and mental states within the body. Some people believe you can view the astral body using Kirlian photography, which takes a picture of a cloud of colors that are different from person to person.

The layers of energy in the astral body represent:

  • Physical Health
  • Current Emotional State
  • Current Mental State
  • Overall Emotional and Mental State
  • Intentions
Astral Body

Clairvoyants can see aura colors clearly and even see images, thoughtforms, within the astral body that relate to intense or habit-forming emotions that a person is dealing with in their lives and thus attracted to hold in their astral body.

Etheric Body

Etheric Body is created by the gridwork of energy lines that are superimposed on the physical body and enliven it.

The functions of the Etheric body are:

  • Prana Is Absorbed Through Etheric Body
  • It Is A Channel For Life Force Energy
  • It Is The Vehicle Of Astral Energy
  • It Gives Life, Vitality, and Organization
The Etheric Body

It can be viewed, even by people without clairvoyant abilities, by seeing the shadowy wisp of a body that extends just a few inches in space past the physical body when someone is against a white wall.

The Higher Self

After the death of the physical body, all the energy bodies such as the etheric, the astral, the mental, and the emotional are left intact and are carried over to the next incarnation. This does not include the animal part of humanity nor, does it include the Higher Self as this is a part of our whole Self.

A Higher Self can be present in simultaneous Soul incarnations – it is the Divine part of us. It can fragment into multiple souls in the same time period or in different lifetimes.

When we meditate, we open a link between our physical body and the Soul and Higher Self. This helps to bring inspiration, health, and well-being to the person meditating. It can be a clearer channel to expedite growth and help you to become a conscious creator within your life. It also increases the strength of your influence. As a result, the thought-forms and emotions that you create can have a much wider and stronger influence on those around you.

Many philosophers, esoterics, and intellectuals have tried to define the human spirit. In fact, it could be said that the spiritual journey is the work of understanding and advancing the human spirit.

Sometimes the spirit and the soul are equated, but there is a distinct difference. Human spirit is associated with higher consciousness while the soul is associated with the psyche or ego.

Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening occurs when we become attuned to the possibilities of enlightenment. It is the moment of initiation on the spiritual journey which can culminate in higher consciousness.

Until a spiritual awakening occurs in our life we may experience feelings of emptiness and a lack of purpose. This act gives us a comprehension of meaning and intent in our lives.

Causes of Spiritual Awakening

There can be many occurrences in life which prompt us to have a spiritual awakening. Many times this moment which leads to awakening is referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. During this time we often feel separated from the divine within and our higher consciousness.

There are also specific events that can prompt a spiritual awakening that leads to soul consciousness. The following list represents only a few things that can create awakening.

Major Life Changes

Sometimes going through a major life change is enough to prompt an awakening. This could be a change of career, a move to a new area, or any occurrence that disrupts our routine.

Major Life Changes


Being on the brink of death or a serious illness can be enough to prompt our transformation.



Many individuals that have lost someone close report that they took new steps on the spiritual journey. In particular, the loss of a child can be a powerful trigger.


Midlife Crises

This period of life often prompts one to seek fulfilment. Those who are wise are able to translate it into a spiritual occurrence.

Midlife Crises

Spiritual Awakening Process

The process of a spiritual awakening is seldom alike for any two people. These are common to the process, but your own personal journey may involve additional elements.

The Stages Of Spiritual Awakening:

  • Acceptance of not having all the answers
  • A willingness to be enlightened, to learn
  • An absence of arrogance
  • Steady, diligent work toward transformation
The Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

What Is a Soul?

It can be hard to precisely define the concept of the human soul. It may be described as the incorporeal essence of a human being. It is the immortal, spiritual component that is found in both humans and animals.

Our thinking, reasoning, and logical capabilities are believed to be the domain of the soul. From almost the very beginning of recorded history intellectuals have sought to understand the soul and the role it plays in our development and behavior.

Soul Family

  • As we move through this life there are individuals who seem to connect with us on a deep level.
  • A soul family is much like your birth family, but the connection exists on the higher planes of existence.
  • Soul clusters, or soul family groups, are those who are philosophically linked.
Soul Family

Soul Connection (Soul to Soul)

  • A soul connection could be the reason when we feel deeply connected to someone.
  • The connection goes beyond the physical or mental attraction that we may have for another.
  • This type of bond can cause us to feel that we’ve known our soul connection throughout many lifetimes.
Soul Connection

Soul Cycle

  • The soul is immortal.
  • It is the part of our being that may continue on through numerous incarnations.
  • Many believe that numerous soul cycles are required for learning and enlightenment.
Soul Cycle

Old Soul

  • An old soul is someone that is wise beyond their years.
  • A person who evidences more enlightenment than someone their age should possess.
  • An old soul often prefers solitude and periods of quiet reflection.
  • An old soul shows little attachment to possessions.
Old Soul

How to Connect with Your Soul

There are many things that you can do to establish a deeper connection with your soul. These include:

  • Meditation and reflection
  • Opening the heart center of the body
  • Looking for the positive in life’s experiences
  • Practicing gratitude
How to Connect with Your Soul

How to Connect with Another Soul

To forge the bond or connection with another soul, try these steps:

  • Listen attentively
  • Practice empathy
  • Look first for the flaws within that prohibit the understanding of another
  • Share mindful meditation and other esoteric practices
How to Connect with Another Soul

Higher Self

What is the Higher Self?

Almost all systems of belief and philosophy have their version of Higher Self. It is important to understand that the Higher Self is not a religious construct. It does not require one’s adherence to religious belief. With that being said, there is an understanding that:

  • The Higher Self is the seat of the divine in man;
  • It is the place where our most noble, true, and enlightened aspects shine forth like burnished gold;
The Higher Self

How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Try practising the following:

  • Meditation
  • Soul alchemy
  • Mindfulness
  • The study of esoteric techniques
How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Are the Higher Self and Soul the Same?

It would be more correct to say that the Higher Self is a part of the soul which is related to our divine aspects.

Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self Connection – What is It?

The process of enlightenment requires that we establish harmony and connection between these levels of consciousness in the human being. The balance and understanding of all aspects allow us to engage in the alchemical transformation of the soul.

Why do we need to know and understand about Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self?

  1. To return to the divine state of being from which we emerged, a place where all is in balance and harmony.
  2. To gain insight and understanding about our place in the universe and our soul’s highest purpose.
  3. To facilitate the process of self-healing, whereby we are also able to help others on their own spiritual journey.