Spirit, Soul and the Higher Self

If we were to go back to Sigmund Freud’s original model of the mind, we would find that he split it into three sections: the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. However, this is just one model and, later on, Carl Jung, his student, came forward with his own model.

Carl Jung surmised that the mind was composed of the personal unconscious, the unconscious, the Self (which we call the Higher Self) and the collective unconscious. Jung recognized that the egoic part of humanity was the small “I” in that it took a very personal view of things.

The collective unconscious, in Jung’s view, was represented by the archetypal images and impulses that resided in man’s unconscious past but that still hold sway today.

To understand the Soul, we have to go back to the idea that the body is not purely physical.

The most researched and understood energetic bodies are mental, emotional, astral and etheric.

The Etheric Body is created by the gridwork of energy lines that are superimposed on the physical body and enliven it. It can be viewed, even by people without clairvoyant abilities, by seeing the shadowy wisp of a body that extends just a few inches in space past the physical body when someone is against a white wall.

The Astral Body is like a cloud of energy with many different colors that depict emotional states within the body. Some people believe you can view the astral body using Kirlian photography, which takes a picture of a cloud of colors that are different from person to person. If you were clairvoyant, you would be able to see these aura colors clearly and even see images, thoughtforms, within the astral body that relate to intense or habit-forming emotions that a person is dealing with in their lives and thus attracted to hold in their astral body.

The Mental Body is comprised of pure mental energy and is related to the thinking function. It has no emotional content and isn’t easily viewed by anyone. However, those that can project out of their body have been able to access the mental plane and thus know it exists and that the corresponding mental body does too.

The emotional body holds the energetic imprints of all our emotions.

After the death of the physical body, all the energy bodies such as the etheric, the astral, the mental and the emotional are left intact and are carried over to the next incarnation. This does not include the animal part of humanity nor, does it include the Higher Self as this is a part of our whole Self.

A Higher Self can be present in simultaneous Soul incarnations – it is the Divine part of us. It can fragment into multiple souls in the same time period or in different lifetimes.

When we meditate, we open a link between our physical body and the Soul and Higher Self. This helps to bring inspiration, health and well-being to the person meditating. It can be a clearer channel to expedite growth and help you to become a conscious creator within your life. It also increases the strength of your influence. As a result, the thought-forms and emotions that you create can have a much wider and stronger influence on those around you.