Psychic Protection With Essential Oils

Psychic Protection – How To Block Negative Energy With Essential Oils

We need psychic protection from the negative energy that is all around us, manifesting in a multitude of ways and always attempting to influence our life and drag us down with it. Coming into contact with negative energy can leave us feeling physically and emotionally drained and long-term exposure can even trigger pain and other physical responses. Worst of all, once negative energy finds its way into our minds it can be hard to get rid of. This is why psychic protection is important and it’s crucial to know how to effectively block negative energy before it has the opportunity to get a hold of our mind and spirit.

In this article, we cover what negative energy is and the many ways in which it can affect us. We’ll be going over the damage that negative energy can do to our physical and energetic bodies and why it’s so important to put a stop to it as soon as possible. Finally, we’ll teach you how you can protect yourself by using the power of essential oils to block negative energy and stop it in its tracks. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be able to harness the hidden qualities of plants to keep yourself and your family safe from the dangerous effects of negative energy attacks

What Is Negative Energy?

Negative Energy is really a broad category that describes a variety of different occurrences that share two things in common:

  • it has a damaging effect on our body, mind, and spirit and
  • it is energetic, or spiritual, in nature.
Negative Energy

How Does Negative Energy Manifest?

Negative energy can manifest in different ways and can range from a passing cloud of bad moods to a full-blown psychic attack by a malevolent entity, each with its own effects and problems.

  • It can start with something as simple as an outburst of anger at work or at home, slowly spreading to others around us.
  • Eventually, these feelings can morph into frustration or despair, snowballing into worse and worse emotions with each passing moment.
  • The most common forms of negative energy that most people encounter daily are bad moods. These can be the result of fights or arguments we’ve had with those around us, bad experiences or even the result of a negative entity already exerting its influence on us.
how negative energy manifests

Being in a bad mood means we’re holding on to and carrying negative energy around in our minds and energetic field. Like a dark cloud following us around when we don’t feel good, negative energy attaches itself to our energy body and begins to permeate our whole being. Not only do we spread this negativity to those around us, but the longer we carry around this energy the more susceptible we become to its influence in our lives. This is why it’s so important to use psychic protection to block negative energy as soon as we feel its effects on our mind and emotions.

What Are The Effects of Negative Energy?

Negative energy can have a seriously damaging effect on our mind and body, although the intensity depends on the type of negative energy we’re facing. Not only does negative energy put us in a bad mood, but it also begins to subtly hurt us by activating our sympathetic nervous system – our body’s fight-or-flight response. Coming into contact with sources of negative energy activates our energetic defenses right away, letting our body know something is wrong. This is why many people will have a “gut reaction” to bad situations. Whether we consciously accept it or not, our body becomes aware of the danger and begins trying to reduce the threat.

How Negative Energy Can Affect Us

Many times our own energetic defenses will dissipate the negative energy that causes a bad mood. If our energetic field is weak however, this may not happen, and a long-term negative emotional state can develop.

This can lead to developing:


When our body’s fight-or-flight response becomes activated our stress level goes way up. Our muscles tighten, ready for confrontation, our blood pressure jumps up and our heart starts beating faster. If you learn to listen to your body, recognizing any of these signs happening without an obvious cause can give you an early warning to sources of negative energy around you.


An Anger Problem

Someone has an anger problem when they always feel unfairly treated or dismissed by everyone around them. Or they constantly feel frustrated because they think they are being attacked or deceived by everyone.

It is normal to experience moments of anger that can be controlled, but when anger becomes unmanageable and harms people around you it is a sign that not all is well.



Depression is more than just feeling down – it is an illness with the symptoms that range from mild to severe. Emotional symptoms may include persistent feelings of hopelessness or sadness and unhappiness. The physical symptoms could range from tiredness, insomnia, lack of appetite and unexplainable pains.



Chronic Anxiety

The sufferers may experience constant fatigue or irritability, insomnia, restlessness, or concentration problems.


By the time this happens, it means that the negative energy has been internalized by our energy field and it will take a lot more work to become free of its influence.

If you don’t block negative energy right away using psychic protection, it will start settling in your energy body, causing even more problems. A strong and healthy aura should be able to dissipate low levels of negative energy without any problems, but constant exposure to negativity will eventually overload even the strongest of energetic defenses. Early signs of negative energy entering your body will manifest as chronic stress, regular headaches, and unexplained mood swings. If negative energy is allowed to progress to this point, it will begin to cause energy blockages in your aura and throughout your chakras. Eventually, these blockages in your energy body will transform into a pain in your physical body, and if left untreated, illnesses.

Types Of Negative Energy

Other types of negative energy that can have a profoundly damaging effect on our lives are negative energetic entities. These are parasitic or predatory beings that are lacking a physical form and must cultivate and feed on the negative energy of living beings in order to sustain their existence. Most commonly, they’re either naturally occurring entities that populate the astral landscape, just like parasites and bugs exist in the physical dimension, or they can be another class of beings known as thought-forms.


Thought-forms are energetic entities that come into being from the obsessive belief in an idea or emotion. For example, a scorned lover may subconsciously create a thought-form surrogate that allows them to express their lust and possessiveness for their lost love. What started as fantasy soon begins to take a life of its own and the thought-form may even begin to adopt incubus or succubus-like traits, such as visiting the individual in their dreams in order to feed off their sexual energy.

Thought Forms

The thought-form will soon begin to demand more and more attention, becoming more “real” in the process. If not banished properly and expediently using psychic protection techniques, the thought-form may drain an individual of their life-force energy and severely deteriorate their mental and physical health. It may even begin affecting the “real world”, perhaps by visiting the subject of its creator’s obsession and making their life difficult too.

Astral Entities

Astral entities, on the other hand, are energetic beings that exist on their own in the astral realms. It is a little-known fact that the energetic dimensions above and below our physical realm are populated by many different beings of varying intellect and benevolence. There are spiritually advanced beings that take the time to help us in our own development, such as angels and spirit guides. However, there are also dark energetic entities that are parasitic or predatory by nature. 

Astral entities

Although fending off attacks by larger and more intelligent entities, such as what has traditionally been called demons, is beyond the scope of this article, the psychic protection techniques we cover are effective against lower-level negative entities. These are the ones most people are likely to interact with during their day-to-day life, while encounters with “demons” are usually limited to people dabbling in dark magick or with karmic attachments to these entities.

Astral Parasites

Low-level astral parasites and predators are often drawn by an individual’s negative emotional state, as this provides an opening for them to begin their psychic attack. They are also drawn to altered states of consciousness, as these act as doorways to the astral realms and can make individuals susceptible to their influence. Since a lot of the work required for spiritual advancement is done in altered states of consciousness, it’s important for spiritual seekers to learn effective psychic protection techniques to block negative energy and the influence of dark energetic entities from affecting them.

astral parasites

Negative energetic entities, on the other hand, can cause much more damage in a shorter amount of time. They’ll usually find weak points in our aura through which to attack, and once they do they attach themselves and begin to feed on our life-force energy. The early stages of a psychic attack by a negative entity usually have more emotional effects than physical ones and will leave a person experiencing sudden mood swings and thinking about hurtful past experiences. The negative entities need to create enough negative energy in their host in order to fully latch on to their energy body, so they begin their attack by emotionally and energetically weakening their host.

Long-term parasitism by a negative entity can cause severe mental and emotional upheaval. Individuals under psychic attack will often struggle with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and confusion. Eventually, they’ll begin to develop sensitivity, pain and possibly even tumors in the areas where the dark entities have attached themselves to their body.

Dealing with negative energy and energetic entities can leave a person feeling alienated, lost, depressed and physically and emotionally hurt. But it doesn’t have to be this way. One of our students, we’ll call her Sarah, reached out to us because she was having a serious problem with negative energy and she wanted to put an end to it. She had recently moved to a new house with her family and since then, her relationship with her husband and son had started going downhill. 

Her friendly and loving 5-year-old son had started acting withdrawn and angry, going so far as saying that he hated her for no reason. He also began to have trouble sleeping and would often wake up in the middle of the night screaming from nightmares he couldn’t remember. She and her husband had been fighting with regularity and over really trivial things as well, and she could swear she was being watched when she walked around the house at night. This led her to suspect that there may have been spiritual influences at work.

Once we heard what was happening in Sarah’s home we knew we had to act fast. We gave her a crash course on banishing negative entities using psychic protection techniques and taught her how to use essential oils to break up any pockets of negative energy in her home and strengthen her family’s energetic defenses. She learned about the powerful protective effect that essential oils have on a home and our bodies. Armed with this knowledge, Sarah was able to fully clear and block the negative energy that was present in her home and return her relationship with her family to its normal loving state. 

Low-level astral parasites and predators are often drawn by an individual’s negative emotional state, as this provides an opening for them to begin their psychic attack. They are also drawn to altered states of consciousness, as these act as doorways to the astral realms and can make individuals susceptible to their influence. Since a lot of the work required for spiritual advancement is done in altered states of consciousness, it’s important for spiritual seekers to learn effective psychic protection techniques to block negative energy and the influence of dark energetic entities from affecting them.

How To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Sarah’s experience isn’t unique. Almost every person alive has to deal with negative energy in one form or another during their lives and thousands of people are educating themselves about how they can protect themselves from the influence of this unseen force.

Strengthening Your Aura

The most effective way of psychic protection to block negative energy from influencing you is by developing a strong defense against it, which means strengthening your aura. Your energetic field is similar to your body’s immune system. A healthy energetic field will fight back and dissipate any external energetic influences, while an unhealthy aura will be unable to resist foreign entities from penetrating its defenses, leaving you susceptible to energetic parasitism and predation.

Strengthening Your Aura

Removing Energy Blocks

Preexisting energetic blockages and chronic low levels of qi, or life-force, will compromise the strength of your aura, making it hard for you to recognize and deal with energetic attacks.


Removing Energy Blocks

Blocking Negative Energy With Essential Oils

Thankfully, there is one simple, yet powerful psychic protection tool you have at your disposal that can help to strengthen the energetic integrity of your aura and block negative energy: Essential Oils! Essential oils are liquid extracts of the volatile compounds found in plants and contain many of the medicinal and spiritual properties of the plants they come from. They have been in use for thousands of years due to their ability to promote healing, relaxation and positive emotions, as well as for their esoteric value.

Blocking Negative Energy With Essential Oils

While the chemical compounds in essential oils can have a profound beneficial effect on the human body, they also possess the ability to affect the flow of energy in their environment. They have been long known to encourage calm and peaceful states of mind and support good vibes. They do so by breaking up energetic blockages in the aura and helping to restore a healthy flow of life-force energy throughout the body. Regular use of essential oils also can dislodge negative entities that have taken residence in our aura as well as keeping them from approaching us. Essential oils act as a natural bug repellent for dark entities as the strong smell combines with the cleansing properties of each plant to disrupt their energetic form, effectively dissipating them away.

How to Use Essential Oils for Psychic Protection and to Block Negative Energy

Not only are essential oils a highly effective psychic protection tool for blocking negative energy, but they are also surprisingly easy to use.


Conventional aromatherapy techniques that disperse the oil into the surrounding air, such as oil diffusers, are perfect for banishing the negative energy in a room. There are both electric and candle diffusers available, but electric ones are usually preferred for safety reasons. One diffuser per room is usually suggested, and it’s best to keep the diffusers running continually whenever you’re home until the negative energy is fully eradicated.


Applying Oils To Your Body

To block negative energy from affecting your body, essential oils can be diluted into a carrier oil and applied directly to your skin. However, always try a small amount first to make sure you won’t have a negative reaction to a specific oil and never apply undiluted essential oils to your skin. Diluted essential oils can be applied to the top of the hands or soles of the feet to protect against psychic attack. 

Applying Oils To Your Body

Rubbing Oil Into The Area Around Each Chakra

A drop of oil can also be rubbed into the area around each chakra to fully align and balance each energetic center. Using essential oils directly on your skin will have an instant effect on mood and energy levels, as the oils will break down negative energy blockages and promote the normal flow of life-force energy throughout the body.

Rubbing Oil Into The Area Around Each Chakra

Essential oils hold the key to blocking negative energy and freeing yourself from the influence of dark entities intent on slowing down your spiritual progress. Implementing the practices outlined in this guide will allow you to take back control of your life and eliminate the harmful effects that exposure to negative energy can have on your body and mind. If you’re interested in learning more about protecting yourself with essential oils and want to find out which oils work the best for blocking negative energy, then download our free eBook guide Using Essential Oils to Block Negative Entities From Interfering With Your Spiritual Advancement by clicking the link below.