Mastering the Basics of Productivity

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In this course, Mastering The Basics Of Productivity, we’ll give you a variety of tools you need to help you conquer unproductive habits and pave the way to a more satisfying and productive day. We’ll look at the grand scheme of productivity and show you what the experts say about improving productivity. We'll look at some of the misconceptions that may be hindering your productivity and help you identify what is actually hindering your productivity and show you how to overcome it. Next, we’ll take a more practical, day-to-day approach to boosting productivity and removing barriers such as freeing up mental bandwidth. We’ll also look at how you can mold your surroundings and habits to give you a better, more fulsome sense of accomplishment, day in and day out. Finally, we’ll review a quick blueprint you can use to create more productive conditions, attitudes and habits.


  1. Introduction
  2. Improving Productivity
  3. Strategies Part 1
  4. Strategies Part 2
  5. Technology
  6. Making The Most Of Your Time
  7. Blueprint For Better Productivity