Pain Transmutation Course


Learn the knowledge to free your soul from the burdens and shackles that have been weighing it down, perhaps for many lifetimes. We offer you a step-by-step course that gives you all of the tools you need to truly make a difference for yourself, your clients and those you love. Recognize the causes of physical and psychic pain that are usually overlooked and learn the esoteric tools to dissolve the pain.

World-renowned mystic, Diana De Foe has crafted this online course to make ancient esoteric knowledge accessible in our modern world without watering the content down or compromising its power.

If you believe you are called to heal others and help them to transform their pain into joy and balance, we welcome you! Regardless of the path you may have taken to arrive here, you have found a place where you can learn and grow within a warm and caring community where you can give and receive support. We invite you to gain life-changing knowledge about the nature of pain so that you can help yourself and those around you to convert it to the balance and joy found only in the most evolved of lives.

This product is a one-off payment for the Pain Transmutation course, saving you money over the 3-month subscription plan. However, if you would prefer to pay for the course over 3 separate payments, please purchase the Pain Transmutation Course 3-month subscrption instead.

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