Past Life and Reincarnation

What happens to that grain of consciousness, the “you” that brings life and identity to your body, when the physical form dies? While many people believe that each of us has only one life that ends in any number of ways including a judgment by a deity, absorption into the impersonal light or nothing at all, millions of others around the world are convinced that their soul will reincarnate, taking birth in another body at some point in the future. This belief brings to mind two aspects worthy of further consideration.


For the purposes of this discussion, let us assume that birth, youth, old age, disease and death happen over and over again throughout the course of an eternal soul’s existence. If that is the case, what determines the sort of body a soul will transmigrate into upon leaving their previous one? Hindu and Buddhist thinkers, among others, believe that it is the actions of a soul during its lifetime that dictate its future birth. This is, in its simplest form, the law of karma. The seeker who elevates their consciousness via spiritual practices can, according to many philosophers, affect their karmic fate and elevate themselves to higher positions in future lives.


In its most basic sense, life is energy. This force causes everything from the motion of the stars to our deepest thoughts, feelings and actions. When it flows without encumbrances, productivity, health, well-being and spiritual growth take place. Energy healing is a therapy that activates the body’s subtle energy systems in order to break down these blockages. Japanese Reiki, the Hindu practice of healing chakras or energy channels and Chinese acupuncture are all types of this type of healing.


One of the primary goals of energy healing is to help the person to achieve a complete balance of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Negative karma does not just affect what happens to you in your next life; it has a profound bearing on your ability to find lasting peace and equanimity in this one as well. Energy healers use a variety of techniques that include physical postures and exercise, meditation, acupuncture, reflexology and chakra healing to help the person regain their balance and begin to move the karmic block aside.

Think about a time in your life when you held negative feelings back from someone you cared about. With the passage of days or weeks, the hurt and pain formed itself into a wall of resentment that grew ever higher. Only by bringing your negative thoughts and feelings into the light could you begin to break down the barriers and regain your former sense of rightness and tranquillity. In the same way, energy healing can work to minimize the effects of negative reactions, creating clarity and wellness. A soul that is aligned with itself and in sync with the world around it can pass from this life to the next greatly liberated from the suffocating burden of karma that before threatened to shackle it to depression, poor health, emotional difficulties and even lower life forms. With a focus on true healing, your soul, the consciousness that makes you who you are, can move on to the next life, the best path for your ultimate spiritual enlightenment.