The Pain Transmutation Energy Healing

What Is Mental Transmutation? 


“Mind may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art.” – The Kybalion.

  1. Transmutation is a process of changing substances into a different form.
  2. Mental Transmutation is a transformation of mental states.
  3. Mental chemistry is a form of mystic psychology.
  4. Mental states can be changed by using Hermetic Alchemical Methods.
  5. Mental change first occurs on the Mental Plane.
  6. Minds of others can be transformed with the will of a person desiring change.


Mental Transmutation

What Is Pain Transmutation? 

It is a healing art based on principles of Mental Transmutation and Energy therapy.

  1. This method can be applied to heal yourself.
  2. It can be integrated into existing alternative healing practice.
  3. The system is based on esoteric and alchemical concepts.
  4. The work is done on both physical and astral levels.
  5. Healing addresses energetic, mental, emotional issues.
  6. We look into the past lives, current incarnation, parallel lifetimes.

What Is Energy Healing Therapy and How It Works?


Energy Healing Restores The Flow Of Life Force Energy Throughout The Body

Energy or psychic healing is a branch of alternative medicine. Intuitive healers work with energy fields to balance life force energy flow. Vital live force calls for free travel amid the body. We get unwell when clusters of negative energy block life force energy flow. Restoring healthy energy flow leads to a vibrant state of being.

The Flow Of Life Force Throughout The Body

It Helps Clearing Negative Energy

Toxic energy weakens human spirit, body and soul. Negative energy emerges in different ways. It can manifest as an angry thought or as an evil spirit. Powerful malevolent entities can hurt people in devious ways. By blocking natural life force energy and limiting human potential they create chaos. Controlling our thoughts is the initial step in blocking and clearing negative energy.

Negative Energy Connections

Assists in Releasing Mental And Emotional Trauma With Mental Transmutation

Toxic thoughts create unbalanced emotions. Stored in our energy field these emotions cause vital life force energy blockages. Past life events can create lasting emotional trauma that leaves imprints in our aura. Releasing current and past life trauma helps the process of clearing negative energy from physical and energy bodies.

Releasing Mental And Emotional Trauma

Removing Past Life Patterns, Attachments, And Negative Energy

The human soul is our vital part and the seat of the divine. When negative energy attaches to a Soul, we long for energy healing. Negative entities can stock people lifetime after lifetime following them from a past life to the current incarnation. Removing them provides clarity and a renewed Soul connection.

Removing Past Life Patterns Attachments and Programs

What is Pain Transmutation Energy Healing? 


Energy healing modality provides remedial solutions for the Soul, mind and body.

The program covers:

  1. The process of inner and outer transformation.
  2. Negative energy attachments as root causes of pain. 
  3. The role of the subconscious mind in the healing process.
  4. Energy bodies: mental, emotional body, aura and etheric bodies. 
  5. Accessing the Akashic Records.
  6. Hermetic Alchemical principles.
  7. Spiritual protection and discernment.


The Pain Transmutation Program

After completing the program you will learn:

  1. The role of the mind in manifesting pain.
  2. Healing Alchemical techniques to transmute pain.
  3. Removing negative energy attachments.
  4. Changing mental patterns.
  5. Improving emotional patterns.
  6. Using esoteric tools.
  7. Creating a safe working environment.
  8. Working with energy bodies.
  9. Travel astral levels.
The Pain Transmutation Program

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The Structure Of The Course

The course material is divided into three sections:

  • Foundational.
  • Breakthrough.
  • Mastery.

Each section consists of theoretical and practical modules.

The Foundational Section Of The Course

The section covers three groundwork subjects:

  1. The Energetic Construct of Pain.
  2. Spiritual Protection.
  3. Human Construct.
  4. The Harmful Nature of Negative Energy

Pain Transmutation will help you grasp the power of your thoughts. You will learn to transform your thinking to eliminate harmful negative energy clusters.

Here we will show you how to protect yourself while working with energy and teach you practical, esoteric methods of protection. These techniques will help you to guard against negative energy. Spiritual protection is a must when you are involved in soul alchemy. You need to take care of yourself when engaging with powerful spiritual forces. 

The Breakthrough Section Of The Course

The breakthrough section of the course covers:

  1. Hermetic laws.
  2. Alchemical transmutation principles.
  3. Access to and Work in the Akashic Records.
  4. Learning Hermetic Principles 

The principles of Hermetic wisdom have been shared through the ages. For millennium these principles were the domain of mystics and sages.


Hermetic principles are often used in alternative medicine. The Law of Attraction is one of the oldest pearls of the Hermetic teachings. In recent years this principle has been given much attention. This is only the surface, however. Diving deeper will reveal the pathway to soul alchemy.


A major part of the breakthrough section is concerned with the Akashic records. The Akashic Records are understood to be the divine hall of records. They contain the answers to many of life’s perplexing questions. 

In this section of the course you will learn: 

  • How to access the records.
  • How to gain information about your client’s personal energetic and Soul history.
  • How to use this information to help the client during the pain transmutation process.

The Mastery Section Of The Course

This part of the course mostly deals with practical applications of what you have learned so far.

You will hone your healing skills helping clients in their work with

  • Soul retrieval.
  • Mind re-programming. 
  • Emotional detox.

By the end of the course, you will understand the nonphysical origins of human pain and learn to liberate yourself from the unnatural energetic restrictions and help your clients to do the same.

You will be able to find out the energetic causes of your client’s pain. As well as offer them a process of clearing negative energy from their Soul, body and mind. 

Pain Transmutation is the true alchemy – the transmutation of the soul, mind and body. You can transmute painful experiences into an empowered life and help others do the same. Your healing practice will transcend anything that you have imagined when you begin to master your life force energy for the healing process.


Are you ready to change your energetic state, learn practical skills for Soul retrieval, Mind re-programming and Emotional detox?