Meditation and Energetic Healing

Life in the material or earthly world can be all-absorbing. When we immerse ourselves in the endless cycle of cravings and acquisition, it is all too easy to lose touch with the true source of life and healing that that becomes manifest when we heighten our focus beyond the mundane present. Far more than sitting in certain positions or repeating phrases, the intentional practice of meditation truly can be the key that unlocks your health, creativity and ultimate freedom.


There are two general forms of meditation or mindfulness:

• Focused attention. In this form, you are doing your best to place your attention on one external aspect. It could be a sound or mantra, the feeling of your in-drawn and expelled breath, a part of your body or a picture. Over time, the quality and duration of your attention will increase. Examples of this type of practice include Samatha, loving-kindness, Chakra, Kundalini and mantra meditations.

• Open monitoring. The opposite of focus, this general style of meditating involves perceiving all internal and external aspects, including thoughts, feelings, memories, sounds and smells, without reacting to them or giving added importance to one over the others. Examples include mindfulness as well as some Taoist practices.


Why do so many people dedicate a part of every day to some sort of practice in focus or mindfulness? The gurus of old would say that doing so is one of the best ways to end suffering, particularly that which we feel as a result of the tumult of our daily lives. There are also several other reasons for meditation. They include:

• Finding inner calm and peace. People all over the world meditate in order to de-stress and relax. In addition to the unquestionable health benefits that result, engaging in a consistent practice also gives you the clarity of mind that allows for new perspectives and flexible thinking.

• Grounding. With the focus on the present that meditating provides, it is possible to free yourself from negative reactions to past events as well as the destructive, self-fulfilling prophecies that all of us engage in telling ourselves at one time or another. In short, meditating allows you to begin changing the way your brain deals with depression and stress, gradually enabling you to be happier and more focused.

• Unleashing your inspiration, creativity and joy. When you dedicate yourself to moving beyond merely eating, sleeping, procreating and supporting yourself through heightened awareness and focus, you can unlock your better, happier and more productive self.

• Sleeping better. Stress extends its destructive tendrils into all aspects of your existence, including your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Because meditating on a regular basis de-clutters your mind and helps you to positively cope with recurring thoughts and feelings, you can actually go to bed each night and get the uninterrupted slumber your body needs in order to heal and regenerate itself and prepare you for a new day.

• Connecting with spirit and your higher self. When your body and mind are calm and focused as you meditate, the true transformation can begin. It involves the true energy healing that can only happen when you are in touch with your soul and inner spirit. You do not need to be a so-called religious person in order for this to happen although you can certainly incorporate meditating into worshipping a personal or impersonal deity within or outside yourself if you choose. By whatever name you call it, energy healing and spiritual growth can take place in the environment of stillness and removal from day-to-day cares that meditating provides.

If frustration, stress, insomnia or depression are dragging you down, taking just a few minutes out of your day to meditate can bring about measurable, lasting transformation. It is a practice that has offered strength and solace to millions of people the world over for thousands of years. There are practices to match virtually every taste and personal style, so why not give meditating a try today?