How To Become An Intuitive Healer

Find A Intuitive Healer Teacher

So you’ve chosen to answer the call of the Spirit and set off on the path of the intuitive healer. You’ve done some reading and become sufficiently inspired, but, now what? Like many other skills, psychic healing isn’t something that can be easily learned in a vacuum.

Find A Teacher

For a beginner, it is not only important to learn and practice as much as possible, but it is also highly recommended to find a suitable psychic healer teacher who can offer some guidance on this journey. The practice of psychic healing modalities is still largely a new and uncharted territory, and even though your training is a journey you’ll have to complete alone, it definitely helps to have as much knowledge and as many spiritual allies, such as teachers and fellow journeyers, as possible.

Change Your Perception

Learning to be a psychic healer can feel very exciting. Indeed, it is one of the most magical quests you can embark on. As a healer, you will literally be learning to harness the unseen forces of the universe that are present within and around you and channel them into yourself and others for the purpose of relieving pain, promoting healing and increasing wellness.

Changing Your Perception

A path of a psychic healer will open the doors of perception and allow you to experience things that you may not have thought possible. However, it is a very humbling journey that will teach you to understand your place in the greater cosmic web, dissolving your ego and constantly reminding you that it is not you doing the psychic healing, but the universe healing through you.

Learn New Intuitive, Psychic And Clairvoyant Skills

If you feel that you are a natural healer and ready to take the first steps on this incredible adventure to become a healer then read on. In this article, we hope to help get you started learning the basics of healing. We’ll go over some important skills that all novice intuitive healers should know.

Intuitive, Psychic And Clairvoyant Skills

We’ll also try to answer some of the most common questions beginners psychic healers often have and finally, we’ll look into the importance of finding a qualified teacher to advance your skill as a psychic healing modalities practitioner.

What Skills Do You Need To Be An Intuitive Healer?

As a beginner intuitive healer, it’s important to make the jump from theory to practice as soon as possible. Some natural healers become interested in the different psychic healing modalities but never go beyond being armchair intuitive healers, whether due to lack of motivation, fear of failure or a little of both. When getting started, make sure you take some time and try out what you’re learning. At the same time, don’t attempt to learn or practice clairvoyant or other skills that are way above your level. Start with the basics: learning to feel the energy, learning to build up energy in your body and learning to channel this energy back out through your hands. These three skills will form the framework for all the other practices you will later learn, and in all honesty, these are the kinds of abilities of which it can be said that they are easily learned but take a lifetime to master.

1. Getting to Know Your Qi

Life-force energy, often called qi (chi), ki or prana in Eastern texts, is a vital energy that permeates all living things. This energy is what’s known as the ‘breath of life’ and is what differentiates a living being from a corpse. The more qi a person has, the more health, vitality and energy they possess. High enough levels of qi will act as an energetic barrier that will boost a person’s immune system, protect against disease and keep negative energy and influences away.

Getting to Know Your Qi

A person who has low levels of qi will feel sluggish, fatigued and weak. If qi levels are low enough, the person’s physical body will be left completely unprotected, leaving them susceptible to emotional, mental and physical illnesses. It is this energy you as healing practitioner must learn to work with in order to practice the healing arts.


Intuitive healing modalities are centred around the manipulation of qi: feeling it, strengthening your own energy reserves and using it to clean the energetic field of others. Qi is meant to flow throughout your body smoothly and easily, revitalizing all your body’s systems and promoting wellness. Blockages or disruptions in the flow of this energy become reflected in the physical body as pain and disease.


By learning to feel, move and channel qi, you’ll be able to break up these energy blockages in yourself and others, allowing the natural flow of life-force energy to resume unhindered. At its core, this is what intuitive energy healing is all about.

2. Feeling Life-Force Energy

The most important step in the practice of intuitive healing is becoming aware of the flow of qi within and around the body. Doing so is a prerequisite to learning how to channel and manipulate it. Learning this skill can take some time as it requires you to become attuned to a feeling that we are normally taught to ignore from childhood. Because it is always present it is easy to ignore, almost like a constant sound that fades into the background, eventually becoming inaudible.

Feeling Life-Force Energy

Qi is always flowing in and around our bodies, nourishing and sustaining our existence. Once you tune into the feeling of the flow of energy, you’ll realize how it has always been there. You were simply not paying attention to it. Our hands are one of the most sensitive areas in our bodies and are also what you’ll be working with the most as a healing modalities practitioner. This is why the first exercise you’ll learn focuses on feeling qi in your hands. Not only will practicing this exercise regularly help to increase the sensitivity of your hands at sensing qi, but it’ll also open the door to an ability you never knew your hands had: pushing out and absorbing life-force energy.


Many people will be able to feel something on their first try, especially if you are a natural healer. If you tried this exercise and didn’t feel anything, make sure to sufficiently clear your mind, letting go of any thoughts or worries not related to this exercise. Once you’re able to feel the qi sensations, you can move on to the second exercise. However, it’s recommended to practice each exercise exclusively for about a week or two, or until you’re able to feel the flow of energy clearly and consistently.

3. Building Up Life-Force Energy 

The ability to build up your own stores of qi is equally important. Infusing your physical and energetic bodies with the necessary energy to promote your own vitality and well-being will make it easier to help others. There are many different exercises that accomplish this goal, and as you progress on this path, you’ll be able to absorb energy from a variety of sources.

 Building Up Life-Force Energy

Qi is all around us, though, and the breath has always been associated with this revitalizing energy. That is why this exercise uses a breathing technique to permeate our whole body with qi, energizing all of our organ systems and strengthening our energy field. Once you master this practice, it can be modified to turn your energy into a qi battery.


But for now, this simple exercise can greatly benefit your own wellness as well as helping you advance your studies as an intuitive healer. As you go through each breath, keep your awareness on your breath and the flow of energy as best as you can. It is normal for other thoughts to interfere with your practice at first. Just acknowledge them and allow them to pass, gently and compassionately.


Do not beat yourself up for not being able to fully focus. Mindfulness is like a muscle, the more you practice the more your focus and mental skills will develop. This exercise is crucial to your development as a practitioner. Make sure to use this technique to recharge your aura with qi a few times a day. It will help to clear your aura of energy blockages and prepare you for the next step of your journey.

4. Moving Life-Force Energy

Once you have been practicing The Buddha’s Breath for a week or more, you can move on to learning how to direct qi through your hands and into other living beings for the purpose of energy healing. This exercise is the foundation for learning to revitalize the aura of others, clear their stagnant qi and heal any damage to their energy field.

Moving Life-Force Energy

How To Advance As An Intuitive Healer

1. Work With Your Teacher

Learning and practicing clairvoyant or intuitive skills will give you a strong foundation for becoming an intuitive psychic healer. However, not only do you need willing subjects to practice your newly learned skills on, but you will also greatly benefit from an experienced teacher who can guide on how to better feel the flow of energy and cultivate it within yourself. Many prospective intuitive healers begin their journey strongly, with a lot of motivation and excitement only to falter quickly as their progress stagnates. This can happen for a lot of reasons, but the most common one is the inability to learn certain skills or understand certain metaphysical concepts from individual study alone.

2. Keep The Connection With You Teacher And The Healing Community

While the practices presented here, along with many others you’ll find available in print or online, are great reference points, there is a reason why spiritual practices have been passed down through long lineages of practitioners that go back centuries. A teacher can help you overcome challenges, perfect certain practices and understand difficult concepts that a book cannot.

Most modern healing modalities, such as reiki, quantum touch and pranic healing, require the practitioner to be trained by a master teacher. Not only does this allow the practitioner to have a strong resource in case any questions, needs or concerns arise, it also allows for the opening of the energy channels of the practitioner by the teacher, allowing them to be more receptive and open to sensing and manipulating the energy they’ll be working with.

3. Keep Learning

As with anything of value, there is a cost to these courses, and prices can vary depending on the modality and the teacher. However, finding a qualified teacher who can provide the support guidance needed to traverse the path of the intuitive healer is priceless. If you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming a healing modalities practitioner you can find a teacher who specializes in one of the healing modalities that resonate with your heart and begin a relationship that will change your life.

How To Develop Healing Energy To Be An Intuitive Healer

The Cupped Hands Technique

This is one of the basic techniques for feeling energy, and best of all, anyone not just a natural healer can use it to sense their own qi with just a few minutes of practice. Continual practice can even lead to some advanced healing techniques, but right now your goal is to simply feel qi between your hands. The steps are very simple, but they do require you to be able to relax your mind and enter into a light meditative state. 


  1. Sit down in a comfortable position, either on a chair with both feet planted firmly on the ground or on the floor with your legs crossed.
  2. Put your hands out in front of you and cup them, as if you were holding a medium ball between your palms.
  3. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, clearing your mind and filling your whole body with air and energy. Imagine how qi flows into your body with each inhale and flows out through your hands with each exhale.
  4. Visualize for a few moments a swirling ball of energy beginning to build up between your hands.
  5. Begin to move your hands towards and away from each other slowly, as if squeezing that ball gently between your hands.
  6. Continue gently squeezing that ball for a few minutes or until you feel qi sensations building up in your hands. You may feel heat, tingling, vibrations or a repulsion. This is the feeling of energy build-up on your hands.

The Buddha’s Breath

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position, either on a chair with both feet planted firmly on the ground or on the floor with your legs crossed. You may also choose to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your sides.
  2. Close your eyes, relax your body, clear your mind and take a deep, filling breath.
  3. Allow your breath to flow all the way down to your abdomen, extending your diaphragm outward as you breathe in.
  4. With each inhale, visualize cosmic energy flowing into your body from all around you. Imagine this as bright, energizing light filling each and every cell of your body. Visualize how your aura expands and glows brightly with each breath you take.
  5. Breath out completely, pulling in your abdomen as you do so.
  6. As you exhale, visualize how that energy flows back out, carrying with it any negative energy or blockages that may have been present in your physical and energetic bodies.
  7. Repeat for a few minutes or until sufficiently energized. You may want to breathe in for a count of eight and breathe out for a count of sixteen, if comfortable. 


It is important that you do not attempt this on other people until you have energized and cleared your own aura sufficiently through the use of the Buddha’s Breath, as you may otherwise inadvertently pass on your blocked or stagnant energy to them. Think of yourself as a faucet for cosmic energy. If the faucet has been stagnant for a while, when it is first opened up, only dirty water will flow out until all the rust and dirt has been cleared out by the flow of clean water. 


Likewise, you must first allow the flow of cosmic energy to clear out your body’s energy channels before attempting to channel energy into others. In fact, when you first begin this practice it’s better if you channel energy to a house plant. How the plant reacts to your energy flow will let you know if you are ready to begin practicing on other people. If the plant stays healthy and vibrant, then your energy channel is ready. If it begins to struggle and wither, you must practice the Buddha’s Breath for longer. 


A quicker way is to try this exercise on an animal, preferably a cat. Animals are especially attuned to changes in energy. If they like your energy flow, they’ll stay around and soak it up. If your energy is still flowing stagnant and dirty, they’ll walk away.




Allowing Qi to Flow Through Your Hands


1. Stand or sit comfortably, with your feet firmly planted on the ground or on the ground with your legs crossed.

2. Close your eyes, clear your mind and perform The Buddha’s Breath for a few moments.

3. Once you feel sufficiently energized extend your hands out in front of you, palms facing down towards your subject.

4. Continue to perform The Buddha’s Breath, but instead of allowing the energy to dissipate away from you with each exhale, visualize the qi flowing down your hands and out through your palms towards your subject.

5. You may begin to feel a buildup of sensations in your hands, similar to when practicing the cupped hands technique. Do not let any sensation distract you and keep your awareness of the process of The Buddha’s Breath.

6. Stop once your focus begins to wane or your body gets tired.




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