Five Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta And Delta

The brain is literally the physical nerve centre of your body. It is the controller of physical processes, both voluntary and involuntary as well as motor functioning. Its pathways are also where thoughts take place although we are more likely to call the thinking aspect of our brain – the mind. While the mind does not exist as a tangible part of the brain, it is strongly affected by the waves the brain emits.

What we consider to be reality is made up of our own beliefs, thoughts and mental state. It is not other people or outside factors such as our job or the weather that cause us to think or feel in certain ways. Instead, we are the controllers of our own perceptions. The more mindful we are of the various states of awareness and the better are our skills at attaining deep consciousness, the more successful we will be at shaping our reality in a positive, uplifting way. Understanding the five different brainwave frequencies can help you to achieve this goal.

The brain emits five types of waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Each emits its own unique frequency with its own characteristics and level of consciousness.

• Beta: found during wakefulness, logical and critical reasoning and heightened awareness. They can lead to tension and stress.
• Alpha. Found during relaxation or light meditative states. Learning, concentration and your ability to remember and visualize are at their height in Alpha wave states. Alpha is intuition and the gateway to the unconscious.
• Theta. These are present during light meditation and sleep and are found during the REM stage. This is the realm of the subconscious that you experience right before falling asleep. You can create your reality in this state, conscious of your surroundings while your body is deeply relaxed.
• Delta. Found in deep sleep and meditation, your awareness is totally detached. You can get in touch with the universe and the collective unconscious while your body and mind heal and regenerate.
• Gamma. This is known as the insight wave. Bursts of creativity and realization happen in this state, which operates at the fastest of all the frequencies. Biofeedback is the scientific study of how the mind can have a measurable effect on many of the body’s processes. During meditation, you can learn to affect your level of consciousness and can put yourself in the state during which your brain emits the waves that will give you the effect you desire. The waves our brains produce can also affect our subconscious. Since that is where many of our spiritual choices live, understanding and tapping into all five of these types of waves can help you to bring about measurable changes and eventual transformation.