Enlightenment did not just happen hundreds of years ago to exalted beings such as the Buddha. It might amaze you to know that countless men and women even in the hubbub of today’s world are raising their own energy vibrations to change their reality. That is, in fact, exactly what enlightenment boils down to.

In our day-to-lives, we exist in what is known as the Third Dimension or the physical world. It is the earthly state of consciousness, the setting of our daily activities and traditionally where our life energy vibrates. It is bound by rigid rules such as the law of gravity, the obstacles to psychic phenomena, etc. When the quantum shift of enlightenment occurs, we rise above the physical, past the Fourth Dimension of magic, light and dark, and on to the Fifth Dimension. In this much-heralded spiritual level of higher energy vibration, guilt, pain and fear do not exist, and we can see ourselves for who we really are.

The ability to move into and back out of the state of enlightenment is related to a person’s state of consciousness at any given moment. Dimension-hopping is, for instance, not possible if someone is in tremendous physical or psychological pain on the earthly plane and becomes absorbed in the feelings. It also is not attainable unless the seeker has the firm intention to evolve as a spiritual soul. Mere curiosity or a hobby of dabbling in the esoteric is not enough. Attaining enlightenment is much like becoming a virtuoso at playing a musical instrument. First comes knowledge of the techniques; then your job is to practice faithfully even when stumbling blocks present themselves.

An enlightened person can learn to jump between dimensions. When this happens and one reality is swapped for another, the person might notice subtle but tangible changes in their environment and even in the personalities of other people or animals. For the individual who is looking to become more spiritual, the goal should be to stay in the higher realms as much as possible. The only reason to return to the Third Dimension is for the purpose of rescuing or teaching others how to become enlightened themselves.

Just how do you know if you are moving into the Fifth Dimensions and achieving enlightenment? Be on the lookout for the following signs:

• You will feel increased love, joy and wonder every day.
• You will more easily rid yourself of the burdens of negativity you carry.
• Your senses will awaken to the beauty of the world around you.
• Time will feel eternal, fluid and sometimes illusory.
• You will have experiences of magic and see signs from the universe.
• You will start to feel guided by the divine.
• You will be able to do miraculous things with matter and spirit, including levitation and moving objects with your mind.

You don’t need to live as a hermit in the Himalayas or be a Tibetan monk to find enlightenment. Moving beyond this dimension into higher ones is a practice that you can develop with time and intention. There is no better way to become your Higher Self.