Energy Vampires and Parasites In The Astral Bodies

What Is The Astral World?

Before we move on to the energy vampires lets talk about the astral world, where they normally reside. We interact with the astral world through our astral body, because our physical body is too dense for that task. We need to understand and take care of our astral body because it protects us during the altered states of consciousness, such as sleep, or any kind of trance (meditation and hypnosis), and astral travel or lucid dreaming. The astral body also helps us safely come back into the physical realm and into our physical body after we wake up in the morning or exit different that normal states of consciousness.


The astral body, just like our physical body can be affected by our environment and can get damaged and unbalanced. When the astral body is damaged it can also influence our wellbeing, mental, and emotional state because it is connected to our other energy bodies and is an integral part of our energetic eco-system.

Aura Or The Aric Body System

The aura is made up of seven subtle bodies, that intertwine into each other creating a rainbow-like energetic blend. These energy layers melt into each other affecting one another and exchanging information. The subtle energy body that is closest to our physical body is the densest. 

1.  Etheric Plane And Vital Body


The etheric plane has the slowest vibration because it is located next to the energetically dense physical body. This plane provides us with the energy that is needed to support physical life.

2. Emotional Body


This plane is where we store energetic imprint of our emotions and feelings which are represented in the color of this subtle body plane. Our emotions, both negative and positive, have an impact on the people around us. That is because they are stored in our astral body and live there as long as we focus on them, whether we express them in spoken word or not.

That is why people who carry around hatred or resentments can often cause pain in other people, not just themselves, by their mere presence. Energy healers can feel and sometimes pick up on other people’s thought-forms and emotions via the astral plane. Keeping your own emotional body clear from negativity can be a challenge.

Some clairvoyants can see the colors in the aura that indicate the dominant emotions in the emotional body. Psychic medical diagnosticians can even spot holes and tears in the astral body that indicate significant damage has been done to that system either through pain or trauma.

3. Mental Body


This layer of your aura energetically stores your thoughts and state of mind and usually emits a yellow radiance around the head. The color can change depending on the frequency of your thoughts and cognitive activity.

4. Astral Layer


The astral energy level that surrounds the human body is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds and a conduit that transmits the energy between them. It is the gateway to the astral world, space where most of your healing energies are stored. This is an emotional plane, that can reflect any colors.  

6. Celestial or Visceral Energy Layer 


When you reach this plane you experience bliss, enlightenment, and awareness because the Celestial body is the energy of unconditional love. You can get connect to Celestial or Visceral Energy through the Third Eye. Its hue is an opalescent white sometimes with gold-silver sheen.

7. Ketheric Template or Causal Body


You can experience the feeling of being one with the universe here. This layer of your aura has the highest vibrational frequency because it directly connected to the Divine and psychic awareness. This pulsing golden plane contains the Kundalini energy that runs from the base of your spine starting at the base root chakra to the crown chakra on the top of your head. 

How The Astral Body Protects Us On The Astral Plane

The astral body is like a bubble of light that protects us when we are traveling in the astral plane during sleep or an out-of-body experience.

Everyone does this every night at some point, but not everyone realizes they are doing it. If you are a lucid dreamer (someone who is aware they are dreaming when they are in their dream state), you will know that you do indeed have an astral body because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to travel around in your dreams with your physical body, which you would know is asleep in your bed.

If you were awake and a psychic saw your aura, it might also include brown and putrid green colors indicating disease or discomfort in the body. 

How Your Aura Can Get Damaged?

Tears and holes in the aura can weaken the astral body by providing an entry point to discordant entities, thought-forms, and other negative attachments that make the person susceptible to negative behaviors or easily influenced by others.


A strong, healthy astral body provides a sufficient barrier against the outside influence of straying, opportunistic thought-forms, and negative entities. If other people’s thought-forms are able to attach to our astral body, they will affect the mental and physical body, causing more than just physical pain.


If at some point you feel that your astral body has gotten “polluted” by discarded thought-forms or entities, you can clear the space by smudging. Smudging is an ancient practice that uses a sage bundle that is lit and then blown out, leaving only the smoking leaves as a sort of incense. Take the smoldering bundle to each corner of your room and in the middle, and let the smoke permeate the space. The fragrance is delightful, but it also wards off unwanted entities and thought-forms.


If you become more sensitive, you will be able to sense thought-forms in your vicinity or astral body. Or, if you find you have a talent for astral projection, you will literally see them as images in your dreams that you might even think are real. However, you don’t have to sense them or see them to dissolve them. To dissolve a thought-form that is intruding on your astral body – direct a hot, bright, golden light from your heart chakra center, which can be done while you are awake or in your dreams. This divine high-frequency energy will either dissolve the negativity or will make it uncomfortable in your astral body. However, it doesn’t mean that the thought-form might not return, particularly if the person creating it is dealing with some unresolved issue.

Positive And Negative Energies, Entities And Spirits In The Astral Realm

Picture one of your recent outings when you walked into a restaurant and instantly feel uplifted surrounded by happy people? Or, did you walk in someone’s house and feel depressed, in spite of a façade of happy faces? These feelings you sensed is an example of non-physical energies: positive or negative emotions. 


We can’t see or touch these non-physical energies but we can sense them and they can affect us in the most profound ways because of our energy fields, picking up on them and interacting with them.


We are constantly bombarded by the negative and positive energies generated by other people or non-physical spiritual beings, and spirits around us. These energies are so powerful that they affect our subtle bodies, energy centers, physical bodies, and our Soul and Spirit. Ultimately, our wellbeing, emotional, and mental state depend on the energy frequency around us.  

How To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

There are a lot of things you can do to invite positive energies into your life. The general guidance is to seek high vibrational thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are aligned with the Universal Laws of Love, Compassion, Cause and Effect, and others. You can look at some other practical and spiritual ways to attract positive energy and find these that resonate with you.

5. Etheric Template


This energy plane stores the original template of the lower body but is connected to the upper body as well through the throat chakra. Because the throat chakra represents your identity and personal truth, this auric layer can be healed by recognizing your true self-identity and communicating it to the world. This layer is often colored with deep blue light but can be of any color.

1. Spiritual Nutrition


Refined and processed foods are energy vampires that can drain out your life force. Staying away from them will keep your energy fields clean and healthy. 


Instead, find foods that support healthy cell functions, with life-giving and natural ingredients that will help to keep your body and spirit vibrating at the high frequencies. 

2. Meditation and Aromatherapy


Taking time to reflect on your inner self and the world around you will help you to be grounded and to balance your energy. Create a daily meditation ritual and try to be still for as long as you can. To enhance your experience add essential oils to this practice, this will help your subtle body’s energy fields to release the negative energies and attract positive energies. 

3. Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient method used to attract positive energies by allowing a free flow of life force. The free flow of positive energy is stimulated by living harmoniously with nature and de-cluttering your life. 

4. Law Of Attraction And Law Of Resonance


The Universal Law of Attraction “like attracts like” gives us a chance to attract positive energy by living life lovingly, and exuding our own positive energy around.


The Law of Resonance states that vibrational energies of a similar frequency are attracted to each other. It provides us with an opportunity to attract positive energy once we achieve high energy frequency vibration in ourselves. 

5. Yoga


Yoga and breath exercises draw in positive energy. Both practices can be energetically clarifying and can help you to concentrate on a moment in time, blocking negative thinking. 

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy And Astral World Entities And Spirits

Most methods we use to attract positive energy into our lives can also dispel negative energy and astral world entities. Aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises draw in positive energy. These practices also help you to release negative energy and strengthen your aura to protect you from negativity.


You also can try other techniques and practices to release negative energy and protect your environment from negative astral world entities.


Yawning emits and releases negative energy.



Repeating a mantra stops takes your awareness from obsessive thoughts that attract negative energy and astral world entities.


Happy Activities Like Laughing Or Dancing

Any activities that give you joy and happiness, will raise your energy vibration. These high frequencies are incompatible with negative energy and negative astral beings and will repel them.

What Is Astral Projection?

We need to talk about the astral projection here because our aura can get damaged the most during these altered states of consciousness.


When the astral body separates itself from the physical one, we have what is known as an out-of-body experience, also known as astral projection. If this idea seems strange to you, you may be surprised to learn that you have probably had some sort of astral projection experience yourself. For that matter, it might happen to you tonight without your direct conscious knowledge.


The most common time when people experience this phenomenon is during deep sleep. During that period, their defenses are lowered, making it possible for the ties that bind the physical to the metaphysical to be loosened a bit. Astral projection can, of course, also take place during a trance state. The experience can be conscious or not, meaning that you may or may not be aware that it is happening.


Another subset of people who experience astral projection is those who have been in accidents or suffer from severe, life-threatening illnesses. Those who are brought back from the brink of death often have what is called near-death experiences during which they rise in their ethereal or spirit body and can look down on their physical form lying still or being worked on by medics. They often recount traveling in their spirit body to Heaven or to some other manifestation of the after-life where they are often greeted by friends and relatives who had passed on before them.


When someone enters a deep meditative state, it is often possible to leave their physical form behind by exiting out of their third eye or their solar plexus area. Some people simply visualize the act of astral travel and can immediately begin their journey. While separated from their physical body, they are never totally detached from it. They remain connected via a chord that is sometimes visible and at other times only subtle energy. 

How To Astral Project

An often-used technique that seekers use to travel out of their bodies involves a series of steps.


1. First, you must relax your body and mind.

2. Second, you enter the hypnagogic state, i.e. what happens right before sleep.

3. Third, clear your mind to the extent that your own thoughts are all you know.

4. Fourth, begin to feel the vibrations emanating from you, a phenomenon that is possibly caused by your astral body beginning to fight against its moorings.


Practice controlling the vibrations until you can make them into waves that travel from your head to your feet and back. As you leave your body, dissociate yourself from it. Attempt to move your spirit body without making any kinds of physical motions. You should at this point begin to feel your subtle body floating away from the physical one.



It goes without saying that this is an advanced skill that requires patience and practice. It is particularly important to practice self-compassion as you grow in your ability to travel outside your body. If it does not work tonight, tomorrow is another day. Working with a healer you trust can provide you with feedback and reassurance as you grow stronger and more confident. Ultimately, if your soul is at a time and place in which astral projection is the right next step, it will happen for you.

Astral Travel and Out Of Body Challenges

Out of body experience requires deep relaxation while remaining sharp and focused mentally. This is a difficult state to reach even with a lot of practice. Aromatherapy can be a good solution for this problem especially if the essential oils are chosen for their qualities to help relaxation and concentration at the same time.

The Best Essential Oils for Astral Travel

1. Cinnamon

This elemental oil is especially recommended for novice astral travelers because of its protective and empowering properties. The oil also sharpens focus and concentration.


2. Lemon Essential Oil

This aroma is known to stimulate the mind and awaken consciousness giving an extra boost to reach new astral travel experiences.


3. Frankincense

This oil has been used to repel negative energies, astral beings, and spirits for millennia. As an additional benefit, it can expand your awareness, and ground you at the same time. It supports transcendence and your connection with the inner self.


4. Lavender oil

Is a gorgeous oil with an earthly smell that helps you ground and purify your thoughts. It is known for providing energetic protection from the astral beings and negative astral spirits and for helping to open third-eye chakra.


5. Jasmine essential oil

Is well known for its ability to rouse psychic dreams and visions.


6. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is often used to purify and protect the room and the energy bodies before spiritual practices or activities. It also repels negative astral beings and astral spirits.


7. Patchouli oil

Patchouli’s exquisite smell immediately arose positive emotions in you and dispels negativity. At the same time, it is very grounding and makes you feel secure in your quest to reach the higher states of consciousness. It also promotes a deep state of relaxation and makes it easy to activate your ability to self-hypnotize that encourages astral travel. 

Tips For Safe Astral Projection 

  1. Your subtle body needs to be clear and vibrant and free from the imprints of negative thoughts and emotions. When you are trying to reach a spiritual domain with blocked energy fields swirling around you you might end up in a negative place. Discard negative energy and encourage positive emotions and energy during your daily meditations. Also, train your body to relax completely.
  2. Practice positive affirmations to manifest your intentions of astral travel. When using affirmations you put your intentions out into the universe that will support you in your quest. By doing so you are also reminding yourself that you can achieve what you believe.
  3. Choose your aromatherapy oils to aid astral travel wisely and use them consistently. Place your chosen essential oils in a diffuser, and keep it in the room you’ve designated for your astral journeys.
  4. Don’t be afraid to start practicing. The more you practice, the more your physical body and psyche get used to the routine. Don’t forget to write down your experiences as soon as you can before they fade away from your memories. This will help you to monitor your astral travel progress and not to get discouraged. A journal also allows you to record any negative experience or danger you might encounter during your astral projection. 

Astral projection can be a very rewarding experience, but make sure to take safety precautions as you would with any journey – spiritual or otherwise!

Types Of Energy Vampires In The Astral Bodies

Now that we understand how important is the health of our aura and how it can get damaged we can move on to the energy vampires and astral beings that can harm us by leaching on the aura.


Energy vampires and astral spirits can easily attach to our astral bodies that are weakened or damaged by emotional or mental trauma, pain, sorrow, or confusion as well as past life issues.


Energy vampires are also called Astral Vampires or Psychic Vampires and known to feed off the life-force of people or animals. They are extra-dimensional entities and predatory in nature. They are dangerous not only for those who meditate, have out-of-body-experiences, or practice astral-projection and lucid dreaming, but for anyone who is energetically vulnerable. These entities are hardy visible nor visible at all to the naked eye and appear as ghostly or shadowy figures. They can invade your daily life as well as your dreams.


This list of the energy vampires by no means an exhaustive record but it gives an indication of the dangers you need to guard against to protect your energetic integrity.

1. Thoughtforms

Thoughtforms created consciously or subconsciously as a result of obsessive thinking about a victim, an issue or an emotion. They are less dangerous than other forms of energy vampires but still can cause enough damage to manifest emotional, mental or physical issues for the victim. 


2. Elemental Vampires

Elemental Vampires usually feed on waterfalls, storms, thunder, tides, ley lines or other elemental forces. Sometimes they can attach to a person or animal energy bodies as well.  

Elemental Vampires

3. Earthbound spirits

Earthbound spirits are the spirits of deceased people who fail to cross over into the afterlife due to an unresolved issue – of traumatic death,  fear of death, attachment to their physical world, or because they are unaware of the transition process.

They can stalk people or objects such as buildings, houses or land, feeding on their life force because they lack their own vital force energy. They are either free-roaming or bound to a certain place or person. Earthbound spirits will usually remain close to their place of death or residence in life and they normally attach to a living contemporary family member. 

Earthbound Spirits

4. Ghost Vampires

Ghosts are Spirits that been earthbound for several generations and have gained enough energy to move about from place to place. They also can be the spirits that return from the afterlife.   

Ghost Vampires

5. Poltergeist Vampires

Poltergeists are ghosts that have accumulated enough energy to move objects and make noises. They feed on confusion, fear, and chaos.  Poltergeists have enough power to hide objects and make a mess, making it difficult to keep a house organized.   

Poltergeists Vampires

6. Living Astral Vampires

A living astral vampire is a person who is able to astral travel using an out of body experience with an aim to feed on people’s energy.  

Living Astral Vampires

7. The Real-Life Vampire Spirit

Vampire spirits are able to leach to a person or animal’s astral body and feed on their life force.  


8. Magically Created Vampires

This kind of Vampire is magically created with a specific purpose in mind. They are similar to Tulpas and permanently live in the astral.  

A Magically Created Vampire

9. Greys, Jinn, Mantis Vampires

These entities are aliens or alien/human hybrids and can be present on both physical and astral planes. Their main characteristic is the lack of emotions.  


10. Draconian And Reptilian Energy Vampires

The Draconians are a reptilian race aligned with negative forces that feed on the energies of control and enslavement through fear. Reptilian energy vampires often use etheric and astral implants to drain energy from people. They can both incarnate as human beings or can be present on the astral level only. When incarnated Draconians and Reptilian energy vampires often use energetic cords and hooks to connect to the heart chakras of their family members and to leach their life force energy. 


11. Changeling Collective Vampires

The Changeling Collective is a Soul collective that takes over and assimilates individual Souls. When incarnating as human beings they often display psychopathic characteristics, lacking any individuality or authentic emotions and keeping their families in turmoil, victimizing them to draw on their life force. The Changeling Collectives are well-known for their ability to change their vibration rate to appear as soulful entities or people. They closely work with the Draconians using manipulation, depression and chaos energies.

Changeling Collective Vampires

Energy vampires and parasites that attach to human astral bodies feed on emotions, especially negative ones. Most psychic vampires are telepathic, and can easily affect the victim’s thinking process. They can provoke an emotional reaction to generate negative energy they feed on, through imagery and sounds.


They also can feed on life-force itself, causing victims’ physical or mental problems.


We need to remember that a negative entity has no source of the life force of its own and attaches to an aura in order to feed and exist. Currently, there are far more discarnate entities than incarnated on our planet. Attaching entities are causing human suffering that can be avoided.

How To Find Out If You Have Energy Vampires Attached To Your Aura

I am often asked: what is the most effective way to find out if you have energetic parasites attached to one of your astral bodies? It is hard to answer this question without looking into each individual situation and we recommend different approaches based on a case by case basis and the types of energy vampires involved. But I would like to give you a quick overview and a few “first aid” tips.


If we are talking about energy parasites or astral vampires that have been following you for a while or even stalked you for many lifetimes, we recommend a full investigation of the astral influence. If we are talking about a recent attachment or attack, the first steps are to find out which energy body is being compromised, what the damage is, and who the intruder is.


The most trusted way to find that out is to start listening to your intuition and your body. If you notice any changes in or around your biofield and suspect an energetic attack, move on to your energetic bodies self- check.


 This can be done during meditation, quiet self-reflection, or astral travel if you have had any previous out of body experience. Use any of these methods to look at your energetic Ecosystem and note any energy clusters that feel foreign to you. When examining your mental, emotional, and physical bodies, note any unusual sensations, thoughts, or feelings.


These are the first steps you can take to check the integrity of your aura and energy bodies. Please remember that since astral parasites are using more primitive, less emancipated brain circuits, they are only looking for an “easy” meal. They tend to attack you when they feel that you are an alone isolated individual, or your energy bodies are weakened by trauma or pain. Hence, addressing whichever pain we are suffering from is a good measure to prevent future energetic attacks.


Can Energy Vampires And Parasites In The Astral Body Hurt Your Soul?

Being in pain is uncomfortable, to say the least. And when the pain is not tangible and doesn’t have roots in the body it feels even worse because we don’t know where to look for help. Have you heard someone saying:


My Soul is hurting, and I don’t know how to handle it or what to do about it”?

Can a Soul hurt? Yes, it can. A Soul is a living, feeling energetic being and feels joy and pain, the same way we do. Normally, we avoid talking about our pain if we can’t explain it, because we are afraid of being marginalized and dismissed. How do we even know that our imagination isn’t playing tricks on us?  Sometimes the pain goes away and we feel better.


But when the pain comes back with a vengeance, we have to acknowledge it and start asking questions. Using our intuition and creating a quiet place within, we can start a process of self-reflection and self-inquiry that leads to understanding and healing. 


There are many questions you can ask yourself to find out when, how, and why your Soul pain has started and what are the root causes of that pain. The main reason why we want to find out the root causes of pain is to see if we have fallen victim to energetic vampirism by negative entities. 


Most intuitives are sensitive to vibrational changes and can sense the presence of negative energy. We can feel the energetic change in the environment that affects everyone’s behavior and demeanor. 


Have you ever witnessed a situation when a group of people suddenly stop talking and laughing and then became agitated, upset, and gloomy without an obvious reason? Did it feel like a dark cloud suddenly hovered over the room? Have you wondered who or what has such a magnificent power to affect people en masse without even being noticed? 


Today we know that this is the same energy that, when manifested, can cause us pain on a most sacred level – it can attack and inflict pain on our Souls. To protect ourselves from that pain we need to know what makes us vulnerable and who is attacking us. 

Finding answers to these questions is vital for our survival and liberation from pain. For millennia these answers have been known to a few but hidden from many. Today we need to rediscover these answers and shake off the negative attachments from our energy bodies that are hurting us. 


We know that malevolent entities such as energy vampires can covertly hurt us in the most deviant ways. Thoughtforms, pain bodies, and tulpas can attach themselves to our aura, mental, emotional, and physical bodies, causing harm.


These non-physical, energetic entities are often malevolent and opportunistic. They are attracted to human suffering and can attach themselves to our energetic and physical bodies, feeding on us and distorting our perceptions of reality, causing pain and imbalance. 


Some of these energy attachments like thought-forms are mild in nature and can only affect us on a mental, emotional, or physical level. Others, like Tulpas, can grow strong within our energetic ecosystem and negatively affect us on a Soul level. These attachments have enough power to stalk our Souls lifetime after lifetime.


If we keep ignoring them, we can’t protect ourselves from having our life force literally drained out of us. Why don’t we neglect physical hygiene, even though we can’t see physical parasites, bacteria or germs, yet neglect energetic hygiene, allowing invisible psychic vampires from the astral realm to steal our life energy, emotional energy and, harm our bodies and Souls?

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