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Get Access To Pain Transmutation Energy Healing Training To Start Your Own Intuitive Healing Practice To Fulfil Your Soul Calling And To Do What You Love.

Pain Transmutation energy healing training has been painstakingly crafted by world-renowned mystic Diana De Foe to make the ancient esoteric knowledge accessible in our modern world without watering it down or compromising its power. Energy healers and spiritual seekers believe that theirs is a solitary journey of self-discovery. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, it is only by gathering and incorporating the hard-won compendium of knowledge that masters have assembled over the centuries that true learning can take place. 

If you believe that you are called to help others to heal and to transform their pain into joy and balance, we welcome you to our training! Regardless of the path, you may have taken to arrive here, you have found a place where you can learn and grow, a warm and caring community of energy healers where you can give and receive support. We invite you to gain life-changing knowledge about the nature of pain so that you can help yourself and those around you to convert it to the balance and joy found only in the most evolved of lives.

 This treasure trove of Pain Transmutation knowledge is accessible to anyone who is willing to devote the necessary time, energy and spiritual commitment. Furthermore, our community of energy healers can provide you with the information and support you will need throughout your lifetime of learning and practicing the art of Pain Transmutation.

After successfully mastering all of the modules of the Pain Transmutation programme, the results will be nothing short of transformational. The change will start in your own life: You will notice a lightening of your own spiritual burdens, a balance in your energy flow and increased empathy and compassion as your own psychic stress and anger are converted into peace and happiness.

The main causes of soul pain

The goal of energy healers is to help to relieve their clients’ pain. But if you have encountered stumbling blocks in achieving your mission, the chances are good that there are still things you need to learn about the nature of nonphysical anguish. Through our comprehensive, step-by-step Pain Transmutation training, you will first come to recognize the three causes of physical and psychic pain that are usually overlooked. As a result of their lack of knowledge, even energy healers with years of experience in well-established practice come up short when the time arrives to practically apply their incomplete techniques.

Pain Transmutation Healing

The good news is that any shortcomings you have had in your personal journey or as a healer do not mean you can’t move forward. They are not signs that you can never help yourself and those around you to become free of Soul pain. In fact, failures are nothing more or less than signposts on the road to eventual success. And that success what the Pain Transmutation energy healing training is here to provide for you.



After years of careful research into many sacred esoteric texts as well as input from a highly trusted community of mystics and energy healers, we proudly present the 9-step Pain Transmutation programme. Here is just a small taste of what our students receive when they invest in themselves by joining us on this transformational journey:

Pain Transmutation Energy Healing Training:

➡️ The Foundational Modules.

The foundation modules of the training include lessons that will prepare you for future healing work. We will talk about pain and demonstrate how all pain, be it physical, emotional, mental or Soul pain first originates on the astral levels. We will touch upon the energetic human construct and the way all our energy bodies are interconnected and affect each other. One of the most important foundational modules of the course is spiritual protection and discernment.

➡️ The Breakthrough Modules.

The breakthrough modules include information about the alchemical and hermetic transformational principles and how to use them in our work. You will learn the theoretical and practical skill to access and work in the Akashic Records. This knowledge and tools will equip you with the necessary understanding and expertise to help your clients during the healing process.

➡️ The Mastery Modules.

The mastery modules include practical lessons and demonstrations on how to apply the theoretical concepts you have learnt in the previous modules. You will have access to our meditation recordings, client’s worksheets and other proprietary materials. Once you have completed these modules the Pain Transmutation course, you will have a complete picture of the origins of and major causes of psychic and spiritual pain. You will also have the esoteric knowledge and tools to help your clients to transmute that pain. All the while, you will continue to have the lifelong support of the Pain Transmutation community of healers.


✔️ Find out how energy blocks cause pain.

✔️ Learn how past lives and previous incarnations karmic debts can cause pain today.

✔️ Learn how and practice to access the Akashic Records to read your client’s Soul profile.

✔️ Learn how to remove negative energy blocks and entities that cause Soul pain and despair.

✔️ Actively transform your life and those of your clients.

✔️ Add this dynamic set of skills to an intuitive healing practice that you have already put in place or use it as the foundation of your spiritual work.


Taking a couple of minutes to learn about a lovely woman named Linda can provide just one of many examples that highlight the power of the Pain Transmutation course. For many years, Linda had been feeling out of sorts. There did not appear to be any medical reason for her discomfort, so Linda sought alternative explanations. She knew that the body and mind are closely related. Therefore, it was not at all far-fetched to think that the cause of her pain could be psychological. Sure enough, two years of hard work in therapy helped Linda to recognize that her pain stemmed from memories having to do with her past that she had suppressed. It made sense to Linda that actively dealing with these dammed-up, destructive thoughts would eventually result in the pain she felt fading away. Indeed, all of the diligent efforts that Linda put into her counselling sessions did pay off. She felt the pain diminish and believed she was cured at last. However, she eventually came to realize that although the pain was gone, she still felt flat and lifeless. Something was still amiss. Linda’s next step was to try some alternative interventions. As was the case with conventional therapy, the results were lacklustre. A bit discouraged but still determined to make positive changes, Linda began to take careful note of her thought patterns and emotions. Over time, she recognized that her thoughts were often random and aimless, having little or nothing to do with her current reality. Her thoughts were so distracting and disruptive, in fact, that they made it difficult for Linda to focus while she was attempting to meditate. Just when it seemed as though she had tried every possible solution to no avail, Linda found out about Pain Transmutation. Like a drowning person grabbing a lifeline, Linda threw her energies into this course. In just one month, she had re-programmed her mind and detoxed her emotions. In addition, she knew that her pain was the manifestation of her own negative thought-forms. After a review of her soul profile in the Akashic Record, Linda learned from her Pain Transmutation practitioner that the agony that was paralyzing her was the result of a sentient thoughtform known as a tulpa that had been created in one of Linda’s past lives and was carried over into the present. Over the ensuing months, Linda and her healer worked together to dissolve her negative energy and metamorphose it into lasting creativity and joy. The experience was so life-changing for Linda that she has become a Pain Transmutation practitioner herself and is now committed to helping others in the same way.


The Pain Transmutation course provides you with all you need to know in order to understand the theories behind and the practical skills involved in helping your clients to make real and lasting changes in their current and even future incarnations. But that’s just the beginning. Because we care deeply about this community and the revolutionary vibrational changes our practitioners are making for their clients, we also provide the additional resources to help you establish a successful and thriving practice.


With The Pain Transmutation Energy Healing Training, You Will Get Access To:  

✔️ A total of 12 modules including multiple video lessons.

✔️ Client session sheets.

✔️ Checklists.

✔️ Resource guides.

✔️ Priceless and unique audio meditations for your benefit as well as for your clients.

✔️ Materials in PDF format for easy reading that you can take with you on the go.

✔️ Community discussion forums and private Facebook group.


The workshop or conference setting often provides a forum where practitioners can network with each other and learn new skills. While it can be an interesting way to learn, it has its downsides as well, not the least of which is the price you pay for travel and time. Therefore, we believe the online format is particularly valuable for teaching the techniques of Pain Transmutation for the following reasons:


➡️ You can study the course materials at your own pace and on your own time schedule.

➡️ Knowledge can be integrated slowly and more completely over time than it could during a busy workshop. This is particularly beneficial because some of the skills we teach are new and complex.

➡️ This learning can take place in a milieu of ongoing community support via our forms, website and private Facebook group discussions.

Pain Transmutation Healing

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enrol in the PAIN TRANSMUTATION course and start building your intuitive healing practice in 9 weeks.


The Pain Transmutation course is designed to give you




It will help you to gain the theoretical and practical, hands-on framework that is vital if you are to use these skills for healing. The course includes the following:

✔️ Module 1.

The lessons in the module one focus on and explain the nature of the negative energy attachments and entities. These attachments can manifest as thought forms, tulpas or pain body.

✔️ Module 2.

Lessons in this module will introduce and demonstrate the crucial spiritual protection techniques that all practitioners need to master before doing healing work.

✔️ Module 3.

This is the all-important foundational module that imparts a great deal of esoteric information about our energetic nature. Topics discussed here include the identity and makeup of the soul, mental, emotional and etheric bodies. We also touch upon their roles in the transmutation process.

✔️ Module 4.

This module explains what are the Akashic Records, how to access them and work there.  As a healer, you will ultimately be accessing these “databases” to learn about your client’s energetic makeup. You work in the Akashic Records may also include meditations to help your clients liberate their soul from the karmic debts or other ties that keep it bound and in psychic pain.

✔️ Modules 5 and 6.

Focus on the alchemical and hermetic principles that you will use as a healer to help your client in transmuting their pain.

✔️ Module 7.

This is the final Breakthrough module of this course. You will learn the “nuts and bolts” of the pain transmutation process and how to practice it to help your clients to heal their Soul pain and bring their energy to a higher vibration.

✔️ Modules 8-12.

Modules 8 through 12 are the hands-on portion of the Pain Transmutation course. In these Mastery modules, you will be given the tools of your practice that will enable you to put all of the theory you learned in previous modules into practice. You will learn valuable techniques including emotional detox, soul retrieval and mind re-programming.

To Make Sure You Are Supported Every Step Of The Way, We Created Bonuses For You.

These bonuses are our special gift to you because we want to help you manifest success in your life and in those of your clients. Energy and vibrational levels can be changed, but it happens one person at a time. We are so excited that you have chosen to walk with us on this unique and all-important journey. The work is challenging and the stakes are high, but the rewards are incalculable!

Limited Time Bonus

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

(a $595/year value with no cost to you)


You can use the tools of social media to leverage the full power of the Pain Transmutation course.

Our private, members-only group is made up solely of healers, seekers and practitioners who are invested in the Pain Transmutation process and committed to their own success as well as to the advancement of everyone in the community.

We are here to help each other do the life-changing spiritual work of Pain Transmutation. 

Our Facebook group community is made up of everyone from those just beginning their journey to those who have been actively practising the techniques with clients for years. This diverse composition leads to a group from all corners of the world with numerous perspectives yet all devoted to walking the path of discovery and energy work.

Once you become a part of this dynamic group, you can expect to receive the following benefits: 

✅ Tap into the accumulated experience and knowledge of hundreds of practitioners and seekers. 

✅ Gain information and feedback in real-time from other members who can help you troubleshoot. 

✅ Network with like-minded people, giving you the ability to form friendships and professional relationships as well as affiliate opportunities. 

✅ Add your own invaluable experiences and impressions to the dynamic book of knowledge and practice that we are all writing together as a community. 

Social media applications such as our private Facebook group can also enable you to take your Pain Transmutation course with you wherever you go. Whether you are on the beach or the train, you can use this group to gain ready access to your fellow Pain Transmutation students and practitioners day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Questions and concerns have a habit of coming up at the most inconvenient of times, but this group will help you get answers and support no matter where you are and regardless of the time of day. Unlike open Facebook groups, our members are carefully chosen. That is because we are committed to protecting this esoteric knowledge from those who might seek to minimize it, damage it or put it into the wrong hands.

Just as we keep strong medications under lock and key, our Facebook group and the community as a whole are committed to preserving this knowledge and ensuring that it is used only for the good of the world.  We are proud of our supportive community and look forward to getting to know you in our members-only Facebook group.

This bonus is just one of the gifts we will give to you once you begin our Pain Transmutation training course. 

Limited Time Bonus*

Magical Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

(Value $55 with no cost to you

What you will receive: the beautifully illustrated e-book, “Magical Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” that has been prepared just for our students.  

Value: $55 but no cost to you. 

Magical Essential Oils And romatherapyWithout question, our minds and bodies are strongly linked. However, it can sometimes be difficult to bring the two to a harmonized balance.

Since the beginning of human history, herbalists and healers have understood that plants can hold the key to fostering physical health as well as spiritual well-being. 

Although often overlooked, the plant world is bestowing us with presents every day. They captivate the eye with their beauty, engage the nose with their fragrances and stimulate the tongue with their multitude of flavours and spices.

They even purify and oxygenate the air we breathe.  In addition, the essential oils that can be found within their leaves, roots, resins, flowers and seeds can work as vital bridges that connect the physical body with the spirit.

This happens primarily via the sense of smell, which is the strongest of our five senses. Inhaling aromas such as lavender, for instance, will engage the limbic system and result in the emotional response of tranquillity. 

Aromatherapy uses numerous essential oils, sometimes alone and often together with others, to bring about specific desired results such as relaxation, drowsiness, alertness, etc.

In most aromatherapy applications, oils with top, middle and base notes are combined to create a defined and balanced aroma. 

✅ Top notes include sharp oils such as peppermint and cinnamon that activate the senses, heal, detoxify and cause alertness. 

✅ Middle notes include nutmeg, juniper and lavender. Extracted from herbs and spices, they are the heaviest. These can impact the health of the entire body. 

✅ Base notes include vanilla, Vetiver, Patchouli and Myrrh. Rich and solid, they are extracted from tree gums and resins and are very earthy. 

Our e-book will go into detail about the various essential oils and their physical and spiritual benefits. You will learn much more even than that. Essential oils don’t only have antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic qualities; they also perform a vital function in the spiritual techniques that are part of the foundation of Pain Transmutation.

Our free e-book will let you in on many of the secrets that have until now only been known to wise men and women steeped in the ancient intuitive healing arts. 

What you will learn in our e-book will give you the following benefits:

✅ An understanding of the main plants used in aromatherapy. 

✅ Practical information on how to incorporate this knowledge into your everyday life and spiritual practice. 

✅ Esoteric information about the use of the precious oils from plants to protect you as you do the difficult and complex work of soul healing and Pain Transmutation. 

In the past, intuitive healing practitioners had the benefit of long, hands-on apprenticeships with wise women and other healers. While this might not be available to you in our modern world, knowledge has not been lost. Claim your inheritance of intuitive healing by putting into practice what we explain in our e-book, “Magical Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.” 

*Available only when purchasing the course from this page without applying a discount code at checkout.

Limited Time Bonus*

Enhanced Productivity Course 

(Value: $299 with no cost to you)

You can possess all of the knowledge you need to accomplish your goals, but it will amount to nothing if you are paralyzed by doubts or questions. You will also get nowhere if you spend most of your energy spinning your wheels, unsure of how to get where you want to go. 

A Productivity Course

Furnishing you with all of the esoteric and practical knowledge you will need to practice Pain Transmutation techniques on yourself and your clients is vitally important, but it is only half of the equation. You also need a step-by-step, easily followed set of strategies you can use in order to be balanced and productive in your daily life. Because we know you cannot be a successful healer without these foundational skills, we have developed our Enhanced Productivity course.

Far more than a few suggestions for how to work more efficiently, this course will give you the following benefits:


✅ Time management techniques that will help you make the most of every minute.

✅ Goal-setting worksheets and templates that provide the groundwork on which you can build a solid practice.

✅ Strategies to help you recognize what tasks are most important right now and how they relate to your bigger goals as a practitioner.

✅ Techniques that will enable you to minimize distractions and focus your targeted attention on what is most important.

✅ Tools that will help you organize, track and act upon your priorities.

Our course will show you how to use the tools that have enabled some of the most successful leaders and trend-setters in the corporate world to achieve their aspirations. Your spiritual work might seem far removed from the executive suite, but you can still benefit from the skills and techniques they have developed. 

We have gleaned the most powerful and helpful of the strategies that have been found to be so effective in the corporate world and have customized them for energy healers and other spiritual practitioners. Our step-by-step guide is beautifully illustrated and crystal clear in its language. Take these suggestions to heart, and you will be amazed at how quickly your productivity expands while your stress level decreases.

*Available only when purchasing the course from this page without applying a discount code at checkout.

Final Bonus

Guided Meditations

(Value: $99 each with no cost to you)

What you will receive: guided meditations to enhance your ability to incorporate esoteric Pain Transmutation knowledge into your spiritual practice. Value: $99 each, but no cost to you. 
The final bonus you will receive once you sign up for our Pain Transmutation training course is a set of guided meditations. Designed to augment the mindfulness or mantra meditation you already practice, these beautiful exercises will revolutionize your daily intuitive healing work. There is nothing new-fangled about guided meditation. In fact, it operates on three simple principles:  
mandala✔️ The mind and the body are integrated. What happens to one flows into the other. If you need proof that this principle is true, think about how reading a cookbook can make you hungry or how experiencing physical pain can result in depression.
✔️ The altered state of meditation allows us to be more creative, to heal and grow more quickly and even to change our perception of time and space. People in trance states are able to lower their heart rate and blood pressure and even eliminate feelings associated with the pain response.
✔️ Feeling in control over one’s life can lead to increased optimism, productivity, energy and the ability to control stress and pain. Since every aspect of guided meditation happens within the person, they have complete control over all parts of the process. This can help to counteract feelings of helplessness and low self-esteem. As practitioners who know the many valuable features found in guided meditation, we recognize that a program of spiritual discovery and transformation cannot take place without it. As a result, we have put together a set of beautiful, professionally produced guided meditation exercises that can help to catapult your practice and spiritual growth to the next level. Here are just some of the benefits that our downloadable audio meditations will bring to your life:
✔️Beautiful and professionally produced. ✔️Soothing music and gentle, unobtrusive vocals guide you through the exercises. ✔️Receive the grounding and encouragement of your audio guide. ✔️With the reassuring promptings of the meditation guide, journey into the library where the Akashic Records are stored. ✔️Maintain a constant state of well-being and relaxation as you engage in the intense spiritual work of helping yourself or your client to transmute pain. ✔️Use these tools as part of your regular practice to gain spiritual strength and confidence. In today’s culture of rugged individualism and multi-tasking, it is virtually impossible to find a teacher who has the time or ability to be by your side as you learn the step-by-step process of Pain Transmutation.
Our downloadable guided meditations are the next best thing. Combine it with the magic of essential oils and aromatherapy and the support from peers and advanced practitioners that you will find in our private Facebook group, and you are left with a complete, all-encompassing package.

Money back guaranteeWe also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. After years of development and experience, we know that our step-by-step Pain Transmutation course will be highly effective and transformational for those who embrace it and dedicate themselves to their studies. We are so sure you will love our course that we guarantee it. Here’s how it works: If, within the first two weeks after you have downloaded the course, you are not satisfied with the results; and if you can show that you put in all of the required work and did not get the promised result, we will give you a 100% refund.

Upon successfully completing all of the coursework involved in our Pain Transmutation modules, you will possess the theoretical and practical knowledge required to bring about significant, lasting change in the clients with whom you work.  Those who complete our course can offer Pain Transmutation therapy to their clients. If you believe that you want to walk with us on this essential and sacred journey, we invite you into the warmth of our community circle. The world needs compassionate, committed and caring professionals just like you. The opportunities are boundless!

So if any of the above resonates, then we can’t wait to welcome you to the PAIN TRANSMUTATION™ community and reward your commitment with the most EXCITING and UPLIFTING esoteric and mystical journey!


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