Alternative Therapy Practitioner

The Path of Transformation: Becoming a Professional Alternative Therapy Practitioner 

Many people are attracted to alternative therapy because they are looking for a path that will lead them into a world of magic and self-discovery. Others choose to become healers in order to heal themselves or their loved ones from pain and illnesses they experience on a day-to-day basis. Some successful healers even began their journey because they wanted something more than the ordinary experiences a nine-to-five job could offer them.


No matter the reason for becoming a holistic healer, what they all had in common was they wanted to throw open the doors of perception and experience life to the fullest, refusing to accept any limitations they were subjected to as the end-all-be-all of their experience on this Earth. They felt a fire burning within them, a longing to live a self-directed life and decided to follow it into the unknown. 

If you’re a soulful person working a mundane job, you may be feeling a calling within you to pursue a more fulfilling career such as alternative therapy practitioner. This can manifest as a strong desire for change when you think about your job. Perhaps you feel a pull towards nature when you should be going to work or even tinges of melancholy when reminiscing on the past.


These are all signs that your soul is longing for a more meaningful life experience. It’s important that you don’t drown out the voice of your heart, as it may eventually stop speaking to you altogether. Instead, you should set aside your fears and follow your passion, wherever it may lead.

The Alternative Therapy Healer’s Journey

Choosing the path of the healer can open many opportunities and avenues of experience for you. It will help you see the world in a whole new way and allow you to gain a unique insight into the interconnectedness of all living things. It can even help you manifest financial freedom into your life.

Take the case of one of our students as an example. We’ll call her Samantha. Samantha had been working for the same company for twenty years, working hard and ascending through the ranks.

 She had made it to a senior management position and was receiving a good salary. Everything seemed to be going really well for her. She drove an expensive car, she was bringing a big paycheck home each week and she could afford the latest and most fashionable clothes. But deep in her heart, she was unhappy. Not only did she have to work so many hours and forced overtime that she barely saw her husband and children, but the stress of having to meet exceedingly increased sales goals and deadlines one right after the other was really having a toll on her health.

Tired woman

She began experiencing acute migraines out of nowhere, but her doctors were unable to figure out why. Even the medications they gave her were unable to really help.

That’s when Samantha began to look for alternative solutions. She got in touch with a soul healer in her area who was a graduate of our Pain Transmutation training course. After just a handful of sessions, her pain began to fade away, eventually disappearing altogether. These sessions also opened her eyes to the underlying cause of her pain: her heightened stress and unhappiness with her poor work-life balance. Samantha decided to get in touch with us and sign up for the Pain Transmutation course herself.


Now Samantha has left her old life behind. She quit her stressful job and is running a successful healing centre. She still works hard, but she does it own her own terms and gets to spend more time with her family than she ever thought possible. Samantha chose to follow her passion and direct her own life-path, instead of letting others direct her life for her.


Samantha’s story isn’t unique. Many of our students have manifested a successful and fulfilling life as a soul healer after completing the Pain Transmutation Training Course. They’ve taken the steps to communicate their serious intention of becoming a healer to the Universe, and the text of cosmic energy has responded by opening the right doors for them to achieve their goals.

Beginning Formal Training as an Alternative Therapy Practitioner

Learning Alone

There’s a wealth of knowledge available in books and on the Internet that can help you learn healing skills and advance on the path as a practitioner. If you haven’t already, make sure to read our previous guide that will detail three very important skills every practitioner should know and why it’s crucial for you to begin your practice as soon as possible. It is very important for you to read and practice as much as you can if you’re serious about walking the path of the healer.

Learning Alone

Learning Together

However, reading and solitary practice can only take you so far. While many soulful people often believe they are alone on their journey of spiritual discovery, the truth is that there are many other like-minded people who are having similar experiences to yours at this very moment. There is a whole community of spiritual seekers and healers in training from around the world that you can connect with in order to share information, learn from each other and help to guide each other through difficult moments.

Learning Together

Having An Insightful Teacher

As an apprentice healer, it’s also incredibly helpful to have an insightful teacher who can assist in understanding some of the more esoteric concepts and hard to grasp aspects of energy healing. A good teacher can facilitate the flow of cosmic energy through you as well, so you’re not left scratching your head as you try to work with forces that you don’t have any personal experience with. In therapy just like in any other field, one of the main things that will differentiate a successful practitioner from someone just dabbling in healing modalities is the support network that comes from having a mentor and being part of a community of like-minded individuals.

an insightful teacher

What Is the Pain Transmutation Alternative Therapy Course?

A Professional Program

The Pain Transmutation course is a professional program aimed at training you to become a highly skilled and qualified professional. It is the result of decades of training and research by esoteric scholar Diana De Foe and the Pain Transmutation team and combines an immense amount of knowledge gathered from mystical traditions from all around the world. This program’s goal is to give dedicated and soulful individuals such as yourself the tools and knowledge they need to develop their abilities and if they so desire, the support and guidance to set up their own successful practice.

Soul Healing

Professional Development Program – Learn New Skills

The Pain Transmutation course is a powerful nine-step program that can help beginners greatly advance on their journey as a healer, as well as increase their abilities and add new skills to established professional practitioners. This course will teach you all the skills you’ll need to fully heal and transform your life and that of your clients. It can be used as a stand-alone system of healing or easily integrated with other healing modalities you currently practice to help you maximize your efficacy as a holistic practitioner.

Pain Transmutation

Energy Medicine Course

Energy medicine is a branch of alternative medicine based on the interactions of our energy with other energy fields. To make it easy to advance through the Pain Transmutation Course and to grasp the knowledge related to energy medicine, the steps are divided into multiple modules of varying difficulty levels. Each of these contains different degrees of energy medicine information that should be learned and understood before advancing to the next. This system is designed to help beginners and advanced practitioners alike effectively absorb, integrate and master the wealth of information that is presented. At the completion of the course, you will have the understanding of the energetic and spiritual causes of pain and disease as well as the knowledge, experience and tools to effectively transmute this pain away in yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

Energy Medicine Course

Our Course Based On The Esoteric Knowledge

Graduates of the Pain Transmutation Course become esoteric initiates themselves, learning the hidden teachings of mystery schools that have kept this mystical knowledge alive for millennia, along with the actionable skills to utilize this information to actively transform their lives and that of those around them. As a student of the Pain Transmutation Course, you’ll be gaining access to this information, gleaned from years of intense study and dedicated training, and will be given the opportunity to have a hand in raising the energetic level of our planet’s collective consciousness.

The Esoteric Knowledge

What Makes the Pain Transmutation Alternative Therapy Course Unique

This advanced course is comprised of twelve different modules, each containing information ranging from the fundamental to the advanced, all indispensable to your development as a healer and succeeding in the healing arts. You’ll have access to video lessons, reference guides and powerful audio meditations that you can use to alone or with your clients. You’ll even be provided with client session sheets to help facilitate your client sessions. The Pain Transmutation Course is really designed to help transform you into a healing practitioner as well as implement everything you’ve learned in order to develop a successful and thriving practice. 

The Pain Transmutation course combines an interdisciplinary approach and covers topics that no other healing training course teaches. Not only does it cover everything you need to become an adept healer, it will guide you towards awakening innate spiritual abilities that will greatly advance your healing abilities, allowing you to not only become a more effective and successful healer but a more spiritually advanced individual. This course will also grant you lifetime access to all the knowledge you’ll need to transmute pain in yourself and others, without requiring multiple future training session.

Alternative Therapy Topics You’ll Learn: 

  • Understand the energetic basis for pain and disease in the human body
  • Learn how to spiritually protect yourself and others from negative energetic influences
  • Learn how to develop spiritual gifts that will allow you better work with healing energy

All Pain Transmutation students get access to our community of spiritual seekers who can help each other to progress through the course and offer the wisdom they’ve gained from years of experience learning, healing and working directly with clients. This dedicated community is spiritually committed to helping each other succeed. 

Learn to Access the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the ultimate source of cosmic knowledge; a complete database of every thought, action and reaction that has ever occurred since the beginning of time. These records contain information regarding the Karma of all living things, including how past Karma is currently affecting your current life experience. 

Unlike many other healing modality training programs, the Pain Transmutation Course will teach you how to access and understand the Akashic Records. We believe that all healers need to learn to interface with this wonderful storehouse of cosmic information if they want to effectively help their clients overcome their physical and spiritual obstacles. By opening your mind to receiving information from this spiritual dimension, you’ll be able to better understand the Karmic causes for the pain and illness you and your clients are suffering. Access to the Akashic Records is open to all, and this course will teach you the techniques and meditative skills you’ll need to reach and enter this sacred space. 

Being able to read your client’s Akashic Records will incredibly boost your abilities as a practitioner, as you’ll be able to easily discover the causes for your client’s pain and illnesses, as well as the most expedient way to address them physically, psychologically, energetically and spiritually. Our Pain Transmutation professional training system is the only one of its kind that emphasizes and fully trains its students in developing their spiritual abilities in order to access the Akashic Records and use them as an identification tool that will give you a well-rounded perspective on your client’s health.

Getting Started as a Pain Transmutation Practitioner

Becoming a healing practitioner is a wonderful, lifelong journey of discovery that will fill your life and that of those around you with untold blessings. Although many people choose to become a healer with a specific purpose in mind, as they progress on their healing journey they discover that reaching their original goal was only the beginning of a much more fulfilling pilgrimage into the dimension of Spirit. 


However, starting on this path is also a commitment to the universe that you will follow through and become a healer, spreading cosmic light and love to as many people around you as possible. We are currently at a crossroad in the spiritual evolution of our planet, and warriors of light are needed to carry on the mantle of healing and help advance the development of our collective consciousness. 


If you feel ready to take on this responsibility and bring transformative healing into your own life and that of your friends, family and clients, then you should use the momentum you have gained from the universe to get a head start on your healing journey. Do not allow your motivation and desire for a self-directed life die out. Continue reading and growing as a healer, and if what you’ve read here today resonates with your soul then click here to learn more about the Pain Transmutation Professional Training Course.

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