Welcome to Pain Transmutation! We are a community of mystics, healers and spiritual seekers gathered from all parts of the world.

Bonded in our mutual desire to spark the authentic lives and spiritual journeys of both ourselves and others, we have walked many paths but have ultimately come upon the same higher truth.

Diana De FoeCreated by intuitive mystic Diana De Foe, our Pain Transmutation course represents the pinnacle of years of esoteric study and intentional spiritual seeking in the higher realms.

The end result is a life-altering, step-by-step system that has helped individuals and practitioners around the globe to remove and transform the pain blockages that have been keeping them or their clients emotionally and mentally trapped and spiritually paralyzed. Diana De Foe’s entire life has been a journey that culminated in this course.

She explains: “There is a moment when your life takes a totally different path.”

For her, that moment came on a misty Melbourne morning as she was driving in her car. Suddenly, she was compelled to pull to the side of the road and to gaze at a dawn sky so shatteringly lovely that it took her breath away and jolted her soul out of its stupor.

“If I have to keep living the way I do, with a corporate job and a big house in the hills in a strange country that is not mine and with no meaningful connections to others, I would be better off not living at all,” she realized. “The pain of my Soul was so overwhelming that I could not breathe.”

Within a matter of months, Diana De Foe said goodbye to her existence of outward success but inner emptiness and embarked on her life’s work. Since age three, she had known that she was intuitively connected to the spirit world in ways that most people found difficult to access.

However, she put her gifts on the back burner and decided instead to follow in the footsteps of her parents and become a barrister. Never quite settled or fully happy, she lived on several continents as she climbed the ladder to material success. But now all had changed, and it was time to find her tribe, learn their wisdom and begin to teach her own.

The result is a Pain Transmutation course that will allow you to impart the precious gift of clarity and freedom to yourself and to the people in your life. You will learn Hermetic principles, spiritual protection and alchemy techniques. In addition, you will gain the intuitive knowledge held a secret for centuries of how to work in the Akashic Records.

In all of these ways, this revolutionary course and tightly-knit community of fellow spiritual travellers truly can change your life.


This is your place to learn about energy healing, energy fields, chakras, auras, etheric body, Akashic records and more. Most of all this is a place where you can connect with others like you – kind, sensitive and passionate about learning and acquiring immense knowledge. 

If you are looking for answers and a deep understanding of how to help yourself and the people around you to live a happier, healthier life, this is the right place for you. Pain Transmutation is a method of holistic healing for the human Soul, Body, Mind and Emotions.  

It is an intuitive modality and a process of inner and outer Pain Transmutation. The modality is based on Alchemical and Hermetic principles.  

Whether you are looking to experience a profound personal transmutation into joy or whether you are interested in becoming a Pain Transmutation™ practitioner, you will find the information here exhilarating to learn and practical to implement in your own life as well as the lives of those around you.

By implementing the esoteric methods discussed here, you can completely change your energetic state to such a level that you can manifest new and exciting experiences, re-energize your life, and build inspiring connections with others in your community.